10 Clapbacks To Sexism In The Workplace


It seems as though one of the most (and perhaps only) positive outcomes of the political climate in the United States over the past year has been the spotlight on some very important issues including stereotypes, gender equality, racism and religious discrimination. Because I’m a woman, I have found the dialogue surrounding gender issues to be particularly fascinating, mostly because of the irony that we are still protesting for basic human rights in 2017. Like the right to make decisions about our own bodies or the right to earn the same amount as our male counterpart. It would be funny if it wasn’t actually sad.

So I’ve written some clap backs to sexism for you to use in the office today, and every other day, for as long as men continue to make jokes about our outfits, our moods, our periods and our pay.

“I think it would be better if I took care of this.”

“Don’t worry Phil, I wouldn’t trust anyone who bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die either.”

“They say a woman belongs in the kitchen!” 

“Yeah you’re right, let me grab a knife.”

“Let me handle this, you might chip a nail.”

“And you might chip a shoulder….oh wait, there’s already a chip there…”

 “Everyone know’s women can’t drive.”

“That’s not true. I ran over that person on purpose.”

*A male stares at your breasts.*

*Start staring at his pants. Then start squinting.*

“Are you not wearing makeup today or are you just tired?”

“Yeah, fighting the patriarchy is exhausting!”

“Wow you’re rude/bitchy/annoying/loud/grumpy, are you on your period?”

“Yes I am Glenn, what’s your excuse?”

“When are you going to settle down and get married?”

“Wow that’s a little forward Paul, does your wife know you’re in love with me?”

“Hey, make me a sandwich!”

“But I thought gluten gave you diarrhoea Brian?”

“They say a woman’s job is never finished…”

“Ohhhh so that’s why we get paid less!”

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