12 of The Best Feelings on a Mid-Winter Holiday


Because sometimes all you need is a week in a hot climate to remember what it feels like to not wear six layers of clothing and have a never-ending (albeit very chic) runny nose.

Wearing shoes that don’t require socks.

Not waking up with flu-like symptoms despite not actually having the flu.

The saying “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” is applicable at every hour, on the hour, of every day of your vacation. Use it to your heart’s content.

Swapping Netflix for a proper b-o-o-k and feeling like the well-read, well-informed goddess you have always wanted to be.

Ordering something chic for breakfast. “Yes I would like a spinach, tomato and mushroom egg white omelette, thank you for asking (!!!)”.

Not using an electric blanket.

Having the time to apply all of those skincare products you swore you would use religiously. *applies three moisturisers, two faces masks and a coconut sugar body scrub*.

 Dressing like you’re on vacation. Hello espadrilles/unnecessary hat/neck scarf that serves no purpose/offensively bright nail polish/shoes deemed inappropriate by colleagues.

 Single-layer outfits.

Not needing to wake up at 5.45am to exercise and instead exercising at an enjoyable hour of the day*.  *not at all.

Remembering what the sun feels like on your face.

Setting your automatic-email-reply. “Thank you for getting in touch. I am out of the office until (forever) with limited access to emails. If you have an urgent request please get in contact with one of my colleagues because I am in the Bahamas and do not care about your deadline.”