The 25 Questions We Hope To Answer In 2018


Hi it’s me! I missed you! I. Missed. You.

And by God I missed writing.

I missed my girlfriends (!). And real coffee. And my dog. And yoga. And my flat and my little office.

But isn’t it so nice to have something worth missing?

Tomorrow marks the first day back at work for most of us, and with that comes a renewed sense of purpose to make 2018 our year. I don’t believe in making new year’s resolutions but that does not mean I don’t have a long list of questions I DEMAND to have answered in the next 12 months.


Of course.

Like I said, new year, same me.

1. What the hell is “Covfefe”.

2. Who was Kim’s surrogate.

3. Will Meghan and Harry go the distance.

4. What is Meghan’s agenda.

5. Why do Copenhagen girls have the best style.

6. Will Harvey go to prison.

7. When will Kris Jenner put America out of their misery and run for president.

8. Who will replace Phoebe Philo at Celine.

9. Will Phoebe Philo go to Burberry.

10. Where do lost socks disappear to and are they happier.

11. Is there anything cuter than an Asian baby.

12. Will Trump be impeached.

13. Will we ever get another Girls.

14. What really goes on behind closed doors.

15. Do people record podcasts in their pyjamas.

16. When will women admit that Matcha tastes like grass.

17. Who are all of Sam Smith’s songs about and how can we make them suffer.

18. Will Archie and Betty hook up.

19. Was our 2018 horoscope right.

20. Is it really all fair in love and war.

21. Is it possible to die from a hangover.

22. Is it possible to die from heartbreak.

23. Is it possible to die from boredom.

24. Why are palm trees so photogenic.

25. Where are all the good men.