14 Air BnB Mansions To Hustle For On A Tuesday

How’s your Tuesday going?


Make it to work on time? Coffee guy mess up your order?


Not to rub salt in the wound, but did anyone watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s last night?


Or, more specifically, did anyone else not spend two weeks with their family at the $50 million Villa Manzu in Costa Rica? An eight-bedroom estate with two swimming pools, a spa, movie theatre, party rooms and a gym bigger than your flat? As well as an executive chef, full staff and a garage including a Range Rover, Ford Explorer SUV and a Jeep Wrangler, all with private drivers? Yes? No?


To continue this exploration of self-pity here’s a list of 14 beautiful holiday homes Air BnB currently has to offer.

I had a great time putting this list together and didn’t cry at all.