5 Super Low-Key Ways to be Super Healthy According to The Twenties Club

I find the Internet a little overwhelming sometimes.

It seems like women are constantly bombarded with articles and research dissecting what it means to be “healthy”, and everyday we are given new rules on how to move and what to eat if we want to reach that ever-elusive “optimum health”.

In recent years, my philosophy has been to use myself as the guinea pig when it comes to health and wellbeing. I learnt quite early on in life that my body doesn’t react to particular diets and trends in the same way as my girlfriends and that women can get completely different results from adopting the same rules.

 This means that a vegan lifestyle may work wonders for your body and a paleo diet works better for your best friend. Your co-worker might see huge benefits from her 6am GRIT classes, whereas the stress of a high-intensity workout is doing your body (and cortisol levels) more harm than good.

However there are a few guidelines that I follow that seem to work for just about anyone and don’t cost a lot of money or require a huge amount of sacrifice. So here is my list of super chill, low-key, non-confronting ways to be a little healthier.


Drink Water Like It’s Wine.

All twenty-something’s reading this will think I wrote that sentence backwards, but just hear me out.

Despite having zero flavour and making you need to pee like a pregnant lady, water is so important and most of us aren’t drinking enough. Every cell in our body is composed of water and therefore it makes sense that we need the clear stuff (and I don’t mean vodka) in order to function properly. The benefits of increasing your daily water intake reach far and wide, from reducing hunger, making your skin look softer and smoother without botox, to helping you feel more focused at work – even on a Monday. The more water you drink, the easier it is for your body to flush out toxins (Ben & Jerry’s) as well as maintaining regularity because water aids digestion.

So to summarise ladies: drink wine like it’s wine, but don’t forget to drink water like it’s wine also.


Meat Free Monday’s.

First of all, how cute is that name?! It sounds like a club that should have it’s own treehouse. Second of all, Meat Free Monday was founded by Sir Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella so it is officially the chicest health movement on the planet.

Our Earth is on struggle street right now, and the amount of meat we consume is playing a significant role. Raising animals for food is responsible for 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is a pretty huge sacrifice for your Sunday hung-day cheeseburger. It can take up to 12 kg of grains to produce 1 kg of beef, and if we consider that around 800 million people now suffer from hunger and malnutrition, we could be using those grains to feed humans in need rather than animals who are being raised for slaughter.

But it’s not just our environment that can benefit from choosing chickpeas over chicken. When you remove meat from your diet, even for only one day a week, you naturally focus your meals around fruit, vegetables and grains therefore increasing your intake of fibre. Additionally, eating more plants gives our digestive system a little rest from constantly trying to break down the high saturated-fat content in red meat.

Add Something Green To Every Meal.

Don’t be a bully to your own body and deny yourself nachos, that is just horrible and far worse than that b*tch in year 4 who wouldn’t let you play on the monkey bars.

Instead, go ahead and make yourself nachos but load them up with spinach, coriander and avocado. Your skin and hair will love the vitamins packed into spinach, it’s ridiculously low in calories so you can have as much as you want, and the coriander will give you real-deal Mexican holiday vibes. Plus the healthy fats from the avocado will help you to feel full, so you might even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Miranda Kerr who?


Sleep Like A Baby.

Never deny yourself an early bedtime. I don’t care if it’s 8.45pm on a Friday night and you’re meant to be meeting Lucy for a wine at 9, if you’re tired just tell Lucy you broke your leg.

Getting a good night’s sleep makes us feel exponentially better than when we pull an all-nighter watching Netflix, but there are so many amazing processes that are going on inside our bodies that we tend to forget about. While you sleep, you subconsciously do a full toxin cleanse (um WO) which allows the body and brain to rejuvenate and get ready to smash your 6am Barre class. Overnight our cells are being repaired from all the damage that has occurred during the day, and our immune system is at an all time high, so if you’re chronically sleep-deprived you are more likely to get sick!

But does this mean we need to call in sick to work tomorrow? The answer is yes.


Watch That Sugar Film.

If you haven’t already seen this documentary, consider this your excuse to skip the gym tonight. That Sugar Film, created by Australian Damon Gameau, will change the way you think about “healthy food” forever. The film follows Gameau as he embarks on a journey to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, but the catch is that he doesn’t just consume the normal culprits like chocolate, cheeseburgers and biscuits – instead he only consumes foods that the media have deemed “healthy”.

We all know that we probably shouldn’t be eating lollies or drinking a can of Coke when we need a little pick-me-up, but what if that mid-morning muesli bar was just as damaging? What if that packet of teriyaki sauce that we just poured over our stir fry was the same as pouring Fanta? With literally hundreds of thousands of food products on display at the supermarket (being promoted at a far cheaper price than any whole foods) it’s not surprising that humans have forgotten how to eat properly.

This documentary is a game changer.

I hope you found my list helpful!

Now who wants nachos?