A Bunch Of Articles To Read If You’re WFH This Week


As public-health experts work tirelessly to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in communities around the world, the term “social distancing” no longer just applies to the co-worker you slept with after the Christmas party in 2018. Many businesses are doing their part to reduce infectious exposure by asking employees to work-from-home; either for a finite period or until further notice. 

So with that in mind, I wanted to do what TTC does best and provide you with some good reading material to see you through these new sweatpant-adorned days. 

If you’re self-employed or regularly WFH then you’ll love this hilarious piece by Deborah Ross for The Sunday Times about what really goes on behind closed doors during the work week (namely: too much snacking). And speaking of snacking, wellness junkies and foodies will find this article on NPR about the science of “food combining” fascinating. It explains how pairing certain foods together, like eggs with carrots (!), can aid in the absorption of key nutrients. I read the article after seeing Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder mention it on Instagram. 

Also on the topic of health, this piece from The Cut about Lee Tighman, best known as @LeeFromAmerica, is one of my favourite reads from the past few weeks. At the height of her fame, @LeeFromAmerica was one of the wellness industry’s most-followed Instagrammers. But then she disappeared from our feeds for five months and her wellness porn disappeared too. Tighman opened up to The Cut about why she left, how she hid her eating disorder from the world, and what happens when “being sick is good business”. I recommend following it up with this article by Teen Vogue – also about Lee’s rise and fall.

Experts now know that the coronavirus can be transmitted through “droplets”, which – for those in self-isolation – sort of cancels out our most beloved method of exchanging bodily fluids: sex. So this article on The Cut is here to remind readers of the hygienic joys of phone sex. You’re welcome. 

For anyone who share’s my affinity for Hollywood, stylists and the business of fashion, this is a must-read article about the entertainment industry’s most powerful stylists of the last decade. Every year The Hollywood Reporter dedicates an entire issue to the industry’s most important dressers and this year they’ve taken it a step further by examining the massive shift that now sees stylists as celebrities and cultural influencers in their own right. Click on the link for the pictures if nothing else.

One of Man Repeller’s most beloved, singular, and significant voices, Haley Nahman, announced her departure from the platform last month in a poignant piece last about that feeling when you’re in a job (or relationship) that you love, but know in your gut that it’s time to turn the page. And you know it will be scary to leave but terrifying to stay – that you’ve developed a restlessness that can now only be cured by getting up and moving. This essay is flawless and I can’t wait to see what Nahman does next. 

And! Lastly! This long-form story by Rachel Aviv in the New Yorker (which can also be listened to audibly – very chic offer from the New Yorker?) will blow your mind or, at the very least, make you question why Netflix hasn’t made a television series based on it yet. Hannah Upp, a schoolteacher in Manhattan, has a rare condition called “dissociative fugue” which causes a person to lose access to their autobiographical memory and personal identity, occasionally adopting a new one. Upp’s condition has led to her going missing twice before – once in Manhattan and once in Maryland – all the while not knowing she was “lost”. She most recently went missing in U.S. Virgin Islands and has not been seen since. This is a must read

And if none of the above have piqued your interest, may I suggest: Cheer.

Header collage by The Twenties Club