Amazing Kiwi Charities To Support This Christmas ’17


Every year my family and I choose a New Zealand charity to give some love to. Once we’ve decided on the charity, my younger sister Biz takes the reigns of coordinating with the directors to ascertain what they need most, gathering all the supplies and pressies, and then my family and I get together one night to package everything up and do a little working bee. It’s one of our favourite holiday traditions and it’s such a simple way to be love to those who need it most.

Last year we supported a charity called Foster Hope, but there are so many charities in New Zealand doing meaningful work that don’t always get enough air-time. So I’ve put together a few of those lesser-known charities and thought that you and your girlfriends, family or colleagues might like to pick one to take under your wing this Christmas.

Foster Hope

Foster Hope is the brain child of two Auckland women who came up with the idea to help caregivers with practical support when a foster child turns up on their door step late at night with little more than a rubbish bag of belongings. The organisation now has 8 branches throughout New Zealand that distribute “backpacks” with essential items for foster kids to agencies like Child Youth and Family, Open Home Foundation and Barnardos.

What They Need Most This Christmas: Toothbrushes, pyjamas, nappies, body wash, shampoo, deodorant, slippers.

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Jammies In June

This is one of my mum’s favourite charities that she likes to support each winter. Kids that are warm at night are less likely to fall sick and admitted to hospital due to preventable illnesses such as Acute Rheumatic Fever, a disease usually only found in third world countries but prevalent in Counties Manukau, Auckland. Therefore, each year the Middlemore Foundation launches their Jammies In June campaign with the goal of distributing around 6,000 pyjamas to children in need – because jammies keep little chests toasty during chilly winter nights. 

What They Need Most This Christmas: New flannelette pyjamas to prepare under-privileged kids for winter 2018.

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You will already be familiar with the amazing work Youthline does to emotionally support our country’s youth across issues of family violence, bullying, victims of crime, suicide, depression and anxiety. I also learned recently that they have two really clever functions on their website to protect the safety of those using it: The “Quick Exit” button which immediately sends your desktop to Google in case someone walks in, and a “Private Visit” button which erases all history of visiting the website if you are concerned someone is watching you. How incredible is that?

What They Need Most This Christmas: Volunteers to collect donations at the Coca Cola Christmas In The Park event on December 9th, and monetary donations.

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4Good Charitable Trust

This charity is a great option for businesses. 4Good was born from the idea that often people feel guilty about “not giving enough” money to a charity, or not knowing who “needs it most”. 4Good is a registered charitable trust wherein you sign up to donate $4 every month as an automatic payment and 100% of the proceeds go to a different charity each month, which you vote on. On the 15th of every month, 3 charities are drawn at random from the pool of charities and then everyone is invited to vote for their favourite.

What They Need Most This Christmas: People like you to become 4Good members and set up an automatic payment of $4 a month! Easy.

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The House Of Grace

The House Of Grace is a safe home for pregnant teens, dedicated to offering love, support and guidance to an often frowned-upon group in society. In 2001 there were very limited options for teen mothers in New Zealand so The House Of Grace was established and has since helped over 200 young women learn life skills and prepare for either parenting or the adoption process.

What They Need Most This Christmas: Baby towels and face cloths, new baby items like nappies, tissues and toilet paper, clothing airers, chilly bins and tinned food. All of these would make a huge difference in a young mum’s life.

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New Zealand Riding For The Disabled

Another one of my mum’s favourite charities because she grew up riding horses! Each year over 3,000 people enjoy this charity’s goal-based horse-riding and horse-related activities. These people face physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges and their participation in horse-riding is life-changing for them. The charity has 56 RDA Groups in local communities throughout New Zealand and their vision is to reach more riders and change more lives. I highly recommend spending some time on their website to see the incredible work this organisation does (keep a tissue close by).

What They Need Most This Christmas: Volunteers to help with tasks like prepping the horses for riding, leading horses during sessions, fitting helmets and checking riding clothing on the participants, amongst other tasks. If you can’t donate your time than $50 will cover an entire week’s worth of horse-riding experiences for a disabled Kiwi.

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