Ask The Club: April ’18


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“I’ve just started working for myself and really need some advice on how you stay motivated when you’re self-employed and don’t have anyone to hold you accountable. – Lacey”

The concept of self-employment is something I get asked about a lot and it’s usually attached to two other questions; one of which is motivation and the other which is financial independence (a topic that probably needs it’s own article).

The key to staying motivated is self-awareness.

Because the more acutely we know ourselves, the way our minds work, what makes us happy and how we thrive, the more power we have to create an environment that is conducive to success. And my environment will probably look completely different to yours.

For example, I’m a morning person. A hardcore morning person. And because I know that about myself I set a rule that I will achieve 80% of my daily workload in the first four hours of the day. This means getting up just before 6am, exercising, and then getting sh*t done. It isn’t meaningful for me to sleep in until 9am just because I can and work past dinner because the quality and quantity of what I produce will be pathetic. On a self-care level it also means I don’t make myself feel bad for not working at night time just because other people are.

Self-awareness also means figuring out where you work best. I made a decision when first I launched The Twenties Club that I wanted to have an office. I didn’t like the idea of eating and sleeping in the same place that I was trying to build a brand. Equally, there are days when I get writer’s block from sitting in the same chair within the same four walls for too long and I’ll make a decision to spend the first hour of every day for the next week in a cafe, working from there. Just sixty minutes and then back to the office. It always shakes off whatever it was that was holding me back.

For other people, their home is their sanctuary and they feel the most energised working out of a space where they can utilise things like the kitchen and move around as much as they need. Figure out where you work best and then be strict about being there five days a week.

“I’ve read in one of your articles that you get Yumi Lash Lifts with your tint at Lash Noir – is it significantly better than just a tint? And, do you also go to Lash Noir for your brows? – Lizzie”

In short, yes, a Yumi lash lift will make your tint look infinitely better. It gently curls your lashes upwards which opens up your entire face and it just makes you look fresh.

But the reason I’m particularly obsessed with lash lifts is because they completely cancel out the need to wear mascara for about 8 weeks. I hate wearing mascara. I hate that it always smudges onto my eyelids and looks messy by the end of the day. Plus my beauty routine is always in favour of time-saving methods and not having to “do your eyes” in the morning is pretty appealing.

I don’t go to Lash Noir for my brows because I don’t actually do anything to my brows! I’m of the opinion that most women shouldn’t be touching their eyebrows at all. So I don’t do any micro-blading, no waxing, no threading and no plucking. The only thing I do is get them tinted every 8 weeks if I can be bothered. For that, I go to Off and On in Newmarket. It’s $30 and takes 7 minutes. No-brainer.