Ask The Club: July ’18


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“How can I cope with being single when all of my friends are in relationships?”

Using a word like “cope” automatically positions yourself as a victim.

Which you are not.

It is a privilege to be single, whether or not it feels that way. You will likely spend a large portion of your life married or in a relationship, therefore you should treat this season of your life as a sacred one. Relish in the selfishness of your life – spend your money on you, invest in your health, spend time alone, look at how you view the world, figure out your “non-negotiables”.

The romantic relationships we have in life will only ever be as strong as the relationship we have first built with ourselves. Start there.

“What are your top tips for dealing with horrible periods? What do you do to help yourself feel better?”

I have huge sympathy for girls with debilitating periods. It’s an emotional thing, right? I really suffered throughout mine and while I never vomited or needed serious medication I did have excruciating cramps and breast pain.

I have a Mirena now so I don’t get a period but I still ovulate and experience sore breasts (shoutout to any males reading right now). The most effective tool I have found for breast pain is a supplement called Super Starflower Oil, otherwise known as Borage Seed Oil. Do you remember hearing about the health benefits of Evening Primrose Oil growing up? Well, most of those benefits come from an omega-6 fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Except the amount of GLA in Evening Primrose Oil is only around 7 percent, whereas the amount found in Borage Seed Oil is around 25 percent.

Keep in mind it can take up to six weeks before you feel a difference but it’s worth the wait. I buy mine from my local pharmacy and pay around $25.

Lastly, your period represents health and fertility, so do your best to not resent it when it arrives. Eat the food you crave. Slow down. And look out for any podcasts with Dr Nat Kringoudis – she’s a fertility and hormone specialist and has incredible insight into this topic. Her interview on The Melissa Ambrosini Show  is particularly good.

“I’m turning the big 3-0 in November and am originally from the UK so I don’t have any family here in New Zealand. I want to celebrate my birthday but I’ve only got a few close friends so I don’t feel comfortable throwing a big party just yet. What activities can I do in Auckland (or nearby) to make the day special?”

Having only a few friends to celebrate this big milestone with, as opposed to twenty or more mouths to feed, will actually make the day more special! It’s a time for you to acknowledge the friendships you’ve built since moving to New Zealand, and make those people realise how thankful you are for them.

The weather is starting to improve come November, so a trip to Waiheke could be fun. Poderi Crisci offers a long Italian lunch every Sunday from 12.30pm to 4.30pm featuring everything from Italian cheeses and pasta dishes to the restaurant’s very own wine. The place is really colourful and full of character.

If you’d prefer to stay in the city, you can’t beat the courtyard at Non Solo Pizza on a sunny day. Try to book a long table outside and order antipasto platters and pizza to share. They also have overhead heating if the day turns sour.

A slightly more low-key but still fun option is Blue Breeze Inn in Ponsonby. They describe their food as “modern Chinese” and have an exclusive elevated dinning booth that you can book which is perfect for a group of eight.

And for what it’s worth, Blue Breeze Inn do the best cocktails.

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