Bang For Your Buck: The Beauty Treatments That Changed Readers Skin


When it comes to beauty treatments, there’s arguably nothing worse than shelling out half a pay cheque for someone to poke, prod and pull your skin only to walk out the door looking and feeling Exactly. The. Same.

So are there any treatments that actually deliver on their promises? Of course there are! And I asked (demanded) TTC readers to share theirs with me. With us. In the name of science. What? Yes. Here we go.

When probed on their “Holy-sh*t-this-has-changed-my-life” skin experiences, answers ranged from cosmetic injectables like filler and Botox (for lifting, enhancing and restoring) to more holistic approaches like infrared saunas (for joint pain and detoxing) to acupuncture (for stimulating the skin’s natural healing process). Botox continues to be hugely popular among millennial women, but its uses have become more nuanced; Sarah, 25, says preventative-Botox has changed her face for the better, “I have one really deep wrinkle on my forehead. I’m quite an expressive person and while the rest of my forehead looks fine, this one sucker was getting worse by the day. Botox has undoubtedly helped to shrink it. It’s quite expensive – around $180 to $250 depending on how many units I get – but completely worth it.” Lauren, 30, gets her frown lines and crows feet done, and agrees, “It’s given my skin an overall more softened appearance – something that a lot of skincare products claim to do but can never compete with Botox.” Zoe, 29, was one of a few readers who use Botox to combat sweating, “Getting my arm pits injected once a year is the best thing I’ve ever done. Goodbye baggy tops!”.

Variations of facials and skin peels were also incredibly popular among readers – Enzyme Therapy being one such example: Gemma (26) relies on this protocol for hydrating and “future-proofing” her skin but it’s also commonly used for clearing congestion and acne. Dermapeel also featured heavily as a style of intense exfoliation designed to improve texture by safely removing the damaged outer-layer of skin. Elle, 28, says Dermapeels have been life-changing for her acne scarring and reducing break outs, “It’s approximately $135 a treatment but it’s worth it just for the confidence of being able to leave the house without a scrap of makeup on.” Cris, 43, raved about a peel that targets brown patches and discolouration, “Nothing, and I mean nothing, got rid of my melasma like the Cosmelan Peel. It is worth every cent.”

But hear me when I say, there was one skincare treatment that completely eclipsed the others. A treatment readers were so indebted to, they wrote the majority of their response in caps lock. This was the treatment that changed their skin like no other, that was worth the price, that delivered results they could barely believe: Microdermabrasion. Nida, 26, waxed lyrical about a form of Microdermabrasion called “Hydro-Dermabrasion” which offers a more intense penetration of the skin, “My skin wasn’t just glowing – I literally looked photoshopped. I’m a low maintenance girl who barely wears makeup and I’ve been back to get this treatment twice in five months, so that’s saying something.” Kristen, 25, agreed, “Hello glow and goodbye pores. Life hack: my hair salon lets me use loyalty points on beauty treatments at their spa! Ask your salon if they do the same.” Cath, 26, took her treatment a step further by pairing it with LED Light Therapy on the advice of her skin therapist, “I had a course of three before my wedding last year. I have bad facial scarring from face lacerations and stitches when I fell off my road bike and I was blown away by how much the scarring faded both in colour (the scars used to be dark purple) and texture (the scars were deep pits in my skin).” Jordan, 25, also paired her treatment with LED, “It has changed my entire face, removing incurable hormonal areas and increasing my collagen supply. I’m a big skeptic of treatments, I’ve had loads over the years that did nothing, but this is life-changing. The price is steep, $450 a pop. But I don’t use high end skincare products so that’s how I justify it, and after my first treatment I didn’t get a single pimple for three months.” 

So there you have it! The skin-changers. They do exist. But the worst part of all of this? I’ve never even had Microdermabrasion. I’m livid.

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