♥ BURGER BURGER Blind Dates Is Back For 2018 ♥


Before Tinder.

Before Bumble.

Before DM’s and screenshots, there was a little thing called the “blind date”.

Innocent in nature but clear in it’s intention, the blind date was a simple maneouver designed to connect likeminded lovers and Burger Burger is bringing it all back for one night only – and they’ve asked The Twenties Club to be one of their media partners! Hi!!

Now in it’s third year, Burger Burger Blind Dates is taking place on February 14th (when else would it be??) and all you have to do is click here to register yourself or a friend. Don’t worry I won’t tell them.

If you land a spot, you and a few hundred other singles will spend the night speed-dating, exchanging awkward banter, eating burgers, and utilising the free liquor for a little Dutch courage. Because for a generation that does the majority of it’s flirting from behind a keyboard, this exercise might be a little confronting. But isn’t it considerably less painful to have a real human interaction and leave with a bruised ego than it is to be ghosted on Bumble after spending 23 of your allocated 24 hours just working up the courage to say “hi” to a viable match only for them to then ignore you completely?

And what makes any of us swipe right in the first place? I mean, how much can we really tell about a person from a display picture of a guy posing beside a “Save Water, Drink Beer” sign? Wouldn’t it be smarter to use that famous women’s intuition in a face-to-face encounter?

I guess we’ll soon find out…


LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand


TIME: 7pm-10pm

PRICE: $25 per person


Register Here.