Cherish Your Girlfriends.


Cherish your girlfriends.

Tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and watch as they continue to love you anyway.

Drive to their house unannounced on a weeknight and wait for the wine to be poured and dinner to be served.

Call them drunk at 3am with the outrageous and the unreasonable and listen to them agree because you won’t remember in the morning.

Complain to them about the job you hate and let them lie when they tell you it’s not that bad.

Cry into their pillow over the guy who left and watch as they pick up the pieces as delicately as possible.

Wait for them to come home after two years away and feel each other slip back into familiarity as if no time has passed.

Give them your baggage and insecurities and see how they pick them up and wear them as their own.

Show them your worst fears and let them fight the monsters on your behalf.

Cherish your girlfriends.