Fashion Month Has Officially Started and Things Are Cooked


Fashion month officially kicked off in New York this week.

And for all the debate that continues to rage on about international fashion weeks, the role they play, and their relevance (or lack thereof), it continues to be one of the most fascinating months of the entire year. Or, at least it is for me. As Emilia Patrarca of The Cut said, “Can’t we just appreciate it for what it is in the moment, instead of trying to decide if it’s more or less fun than last time?”

Yet no matter how intensely I follow or fawn over it, I still learn something new about fashion month every year, which I guess just speaks to the mystery and mechanics of this wonderful beast.

For example, apparently fashion is now more spiritual than an essential oils class on Bondi beach at sunrise, as evidence by Patrarca’s first show of the season,“I’d never balanced my chakras before, but New York Fashion Week is all about trying new things. On Thursday afternoon at Collina Strada, I arrived to find a pink healing crystal on my seat and a gong in the middle of a white carpeted runway.Or the Mara Hoffman show which, according to Man Repeller’s Elizabeth Tamkin, was described by the designer as “a dedication to letting go, letting our grief and broken parts be loved and learned and then buried back into the earth, reabsorbed to grow again as something new.” Does anyone else feel like they’re reading a review of Wanderlust festival??

But just like that, from one extreme to the other, we begin to hear whispers of the brawl between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B that took place inside the annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at the Plaza Hotel. Reports said that shortly after Christina Aguilera finishing singing “Genie in a Bottle” to a crowd that included Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, Cardi was downstairs hurling a red heel in Nicki’s direction. She was then seen being escorted out of the event by security with a golf-ball-sized welt on her forehead, a torn tulle dress, and bare feet. And all of this took place AT THE PLAZA for crying out loud!! Hosted by the chicest woman alive, Carine Roitefeld. Can you imagine? You’re not even allowed to wear sneakers inside the Plaza, let alone remove your heels and throw one at a female rapper.

And if all of that doesn’t sound cooked enough, please consider that Pete Davidson (yes, Ariana Grande’s Pete Davidson) removed his shirt at the John Elliott show and doused himself with a bottle of water because the show took place in the New York heat at a skate park. But not before he walked indifferently past Whoopi Goldberg, LeBron James and a bevy of reporters claiming, “I’m not allowed to talk to press.”

Oh and this has all happened before Day 4. What a time to be alive.

Header image by Wono Kim for The Twenties Club