Five New Podcast Shows I’m Listening To


You’ve been asking for this article for a while.

These podcasts aren’t “new” as in new to the world. They’re just new to my life because I discovered them, like, last month, and have since become obsessed with them.

There’s only five which is quite nice because it’s not too overwhelming for your already-cluttered mind.

Okay, here you go.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

The premise of this show sounds morbid but somehow it isn’t. I’ve fallen in love with TTFA and it’s outrageously delightful host, Nora McInery. Within the space of a year, Nora lost her husband to brain cancer, suffered a miscarriage, and her father passed away. I’m not kidding. The podcast was launched on the second anniversary of her beloved husband’s death when Nora was learning to navigate that intersection between sadness and happiness, and the podcast chronicles her interviews with real-life people sharing their stories of loss, grief and transformation. The show is witty and brave and Nora’s humility will stop you in your tracks.

P.s. There’s a really high chance you will cry on your commute to work.

Breaking Beauty

Breaking Beauty is hosted by two long-time magazine beauty editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, as they talk about the best-selling beauty products that you’ve seen in every shelf-ie on Instagram. But the best part is that they don’t just talk about the products, they interview the brains behind the brands. My favourite interviews were Emily Weiss talking about Glossier, Dr Philippe Allouche talking about Biologique Recherche and Brandon Truaxe who founded The Ordinary!

Sh*t Town

Sh*t Town is a podcast created by the producers of Serial and This American Life and when it was released last year it was downloaded a record-breaking 77 million times. Sh*t Town is an investigative journalism show about a man called John who hates his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks the host to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s been bragging that he got away with murder. But when someone else ends up dead while recording the podcast, the search for the truth leads them in a direction no one could have predicted.

The craziest thing about this entire show is that it is REAL. These are real people talking about a real murder, in real time. It will blow your mind. It sounds like a Big Little Lies episode.


Second Life

This recently-launched podcast is hosted by the co-founder of Who What Wear, Hillary Kerr, and chronicles the career changes that can happen at any stage of your life. She interviews women like celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkin, Allure magazine editor Michelle Lee and Grey’s Anatomy writer/producer Jenna Bans, who all started their adult life following one path only to do a 360 and wind up somewhere completely unexpected. The premise of this show is really inspiring and will make you feel hopeful that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Pod Save America

If you’re not already feeling completely exhausted by the Trump rhetoric or the speed-dating pace of the daily news, I think you will find this show really cool and interesting. It’s hosted by a group of former Obama aides (one of whom was Obama’s star speechwriter) and the guys have been called the “it boys” of podcasts. The show reaches 1.5 million Americans per episode and covers the weekly events of Trump, the White House, and politics in general. Many of their listeners are millennials like us who are entering the political fray for the first time, brought in by the appeal of Bernie Sanders and a desire to fight back against Trump. It’s a goodie.


Header image by The Twenties Club