Five Of The Best Online Workouts



Because I’ll be damned if we don’t come out of this global lockdown with the strongest bodies of our lives.

Melissa Wood    @MelissaWoodHealth

I first discovered Wood’s Instagram account a few years ago because she trained a lot of the New York and LA-based influencers I follow: Danielle Bernstein, Marianna Hewitt, Morgan Stewart, Eva Chen and Hannah Bronfman. She’s a mother of two so she understands the need for time-effective training. Plus her smile and energy is so infectious. Wood’s website offers a free 7-day trial which grants you access to over 60 workouts including a pre + postnatal series for the mummas. I particularly loved her 28-minute Full Body Flow which she posted a snippet of on Instagram.

Kirsty Godso’s Sock Workouts    @KirstyGodso

If Kirsty Godso can’t inspire you to honour the privilege of moving your body, then nobody will. I know “sock workout” might not sound appealing but Godso’s glutes, abs + thighs sequences using only a slippery floor and a pair of thick socks is the most innovative method of toning on the Internet. I’ve been doing this in my bathroom most mornings and placing my working leg on one of those yellow fluffy kitchen cloths. Do not @ me. 

Megan Roup | The Sculpt Society    @MeganRoup

Roup regularly trains Elsa Hosk and Lara Bingle, and people seem to love her high-energy dance-cardio workouts with tons of glute and ab work. Her workouts range from 5 to 50 minutes and she’s currently offering a 14-day free trial on her website which can be streamed on any device. I recently did an old glute workout of hers that I found on YouTube and I could barely sit down the next day. She’s super smiley and a little cheesy but you know what? That’s exactly what we need right now. 

P.volve    @P.volve

P.volve, created by trainer Stephen Pasterino, focuses on deep toning of the body using functional movement. There is zero cardio in P.volve – it’s all about challenging the muscles through controlled movement and feeling a similar (albeit more extreme) burn to a barre or pilates class. You can adapt the workouts if you don’t have access to equipment but they do suggest using a small squishy ball that you can place between your inner thighs to maximise the effects. Due to the Coronavirus, P.volve have been running free Instagram Live workouts each week-day, only 15-20 minutes long, as well as offering 30 days of free-streaming on their website when you enter the code “OnePvolve” at check-out.

Sami Clarke    @SamiClarke

If you don’t want to sign up for any kind of trial or programme but still want to move your body, Sami Clarke is an LA-based personal trainer who uses Instagram to share simple at-home workouts to her huge following. Each video explains and demonstrates each move as well as dictating the number of reps and breaks between each set. Clarke’s 5 and 10-minute routines are perfect for adding onto the end of a walk or run. 


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