Five Of The Best Soup Recipes On The Internet


I think we can all agree that “bad soup” is soup that is void of any real depth of flavour. Bad soup tastes flat. One-dimensional.

Thankfully, none of these recipes are one-dimensional, and all of them taste best when served with a couple of slices of hot, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, toast of your choosing (nobody asked but I like gluten free sour dough). 

Chelsea Winter’s Mean Green Vegetable Soup. The soup that inspired this article; Winter’s recipe contains a whopping twelve (12) different types of veggies.

Jo Eat’s Winter Green Goddess Soup. Another green soup just to give you options.

Neil Perry’s Spicy Lamb & Vegetable Soup With Chickpeas. Throw in some cooked short pasta and you’ve got the fanciest minestrone in all the land.

Rasa Malaysia’s Tom Kha Gai. One of the easiest Tom Kha Gai recipes and you can play around with the amount of chilli depending on your tolerance for heat (mine is abysmal). I add some rice noodles if I’m a little hungrier than usual.

Nadia Lim’s Turmeric & Ginger Chicken Soul Soup. There are very few ailments that a bowl of chicken soup can’t fix.

Nadia Lim’s Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Lentil Soup. Arguably the most indulgent of the lot – that dollop of sour cream really sends it over the edge. 

Header image via Chelsea Winter