Forbes Shines A Spotlight On The Women Changing The Face Of Silicon Valley


Forbes magazine have just released the cover for their latest issue which showcases the “World’s Top Tech Investors for 2018”.

I thought this was worth sharing for a few reasons.

First of all, the magazine cover itself. 13 women, none of whom look older than forty, smiling wide, poised beautifully. All different ethnicities. All powerhouses. On the cover of Forbes. A serious business magazine known for spotlighting the world’s most prolific investors, dealmakers, billionaires, people like Warren Buffet and the founder of Uber.

Forbes Magazine, April 2018

To me, the cover alone was worth sharing.

Secondly, this year’s Midas List – a list which ranks the top 100 venture capitalists – includes a record-breaking 9 female investors, including two newcomers. Sonali De Rycker who debuted at #95 on the list thanks to her investment in the Russian version of Craigslist, Avito, and Aileen Lee who is the founder of Cowboy Ventures and made the list thanks to her investments in Bloom Energy, Dollar Shave Club and Rent the Runway.

The reason this is all important, and worth reading the full article, is because Silicon Valley is notoriously known as a “boy’s club”, and as it currently stands, only 6% of all venture capitalists are women. This year’s Forbes cover is a slither of hope for the future of businesswomen being taken seriously.

Read the full article here.