I don’t have a party trick.

I can’t tie a cherry stalk in a knot using just my tongue.

I can’t do backflips or clap push-ups (yes it’s a thing and yes I have a friend who can).

I can’t play the piano or burp the alphabet.

And I’ve only recently come to accept that no, I can’t actually sing.

But I can quote nearly every single Friends episode from all ten seasons.

I could tell you random facts about a celebrity’s love life or what they wore on the red carpet in 2007.

And I can rap all the lyrics to Biggie Small’s ‘Juicy’.

Sometimes the things we find the most embarrassing about ourselves are often the little quirks we need to hold onto the tightest as we grow older because they are what define us and separate us from the herd- even when we are trying so hard just to blend in.

One of my girlfriends once told me that a human’s personality is fully developed by the time they turn 22. I’m not sure if I believe that but if it’s true then I’m pretty happy with who I am today – despite the lack of musical talent and zero upper body strength.

Header image via Tumblr