If You’ve Never Related To Your Star Sign, This Is Probably Why


There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that care about their star sign…. and liars.

Even if you don’t read your horoscope every week, and even if you don’t say things like “every psycho I’ve ever dated was a Leo”, you will, with certainty, know what your star sign is and at some point have done a little reading into it. It’s a self-centred exercise but that’s because humans traditionally are a little self-centred. We love to read things written about ourselves and we love to be told what kind of person we are. It’s like when you were in junior school and the class would send anonymous warm-fuzzies on tiny pieces of paper around the room and you’d think, “Wow, these guys are right, I really am good at spelling.”

I’m no different. I’ve aways cared about my star sign, but it’s been a largely negative relationship because I am genuinely nothing like an Aquarius.

By definition, an Aquarian is “The Waterbearer”, which should have been the first red flag because my biggest fear is the ocean and I hate swimming. I could go an entire summer without putting a toe in the sea.

An Aquarian is “progressive.” (nope.)

“Humanitarian.” (sadly, also no.)

“Un-emotional.” (HAHAHA…guys…)

“Rebellious.” (genuinely the idea of being rebellious gives me anxiety.)

The only hint of affection I’ve ever had towards my star sign is that Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston are both Aquarians too, and in that respect I feel truly blessed.

So I’ve gone through life avoiding horoscopes, disengaging in conversations about zodiac signs, and generally despising my disconnect to Aquarius. But about a year ago, a friend told me about moon signs, the zodiac sign where the moon was at the moment you were born, and the results were so accurate it was chilling.

If you’ve never heard about moon signs that’s because they’re a little more complicated to determine so they don’t get as much press. Your moon sign is calculated using your birth date as well as the location and time of your birth. But more importantly, according to astrologists, a person’s moon sign relates to their emotional nature. It’s who they are at their core when they’re not trying to be anything else. It’s our default mode.

My moon sign is Virgo. The description of a person with the moon in Virgo is as follows:

“They have an attention to detail. They enjoy keeping things in order and hate chaos. They are energetic and can become workaholics which often leads to nervousness and disturbances in the digestive system. The state of their health is very closely related to their digestion which is the reason why moon in Virgo people are so selective with food.  They love pets and have a good memory. They love running errands. They are at their best when they feel needed and love when people ask for help. They are early-risers, ready to take on every day with enthusiasm.”

I mean, come on (!!!). My best friends will be reading this right now weeping with laughter. It sadly doesn’t get more accurate that. But what does this mean for old mate Aquarius who just won’t quit?!

Your star sign is the journey you will be on throughout your life, the parts of yourself you will discover and develop as you grow older. I might not be a rebel yet, but perhaps as I get older I will learn to let go of the things I can’t control and learn to forget the rules sometimes (*immediately has panic attack*). Your moon sign, on the other hand, is your truth. And it will stay with you forever.

Maybe if everyone knew both their star sign and their moon sign they could use that insight to dance between the two.

Embracing who we are and tinkering with who we could be.