Interview: Annabel Roydhouse from The Raw Kitchen


Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Annabel Roydhouse from The Raw Kitchen. Annabel is the Nutritionist and Operations Manager for the super popular raw food business and in our interview she discusses the benefits of eating raw food, as well as the health tips she swears by.

P.S. if you haven’t already visited The Raw Kitchen cafe on Ponsonby Road then make sure you get there this weekend for a piece (or two) of their famous caramel slice that your insides will love you for.

Hi Annabel! Firstly, please explain to readers of The Twenties Club what your role is within The Raw Kitchen:

I work as Nutritionist and Operations Manager at The Raw Kitchen. This entails managing the day-to-day running of the company, including coordinating front of house and wholesale operations, as well as background nutrition work and product development. My days are spent in our awesome shop/office up on Ponsonby Road, Raw Wellness, where I can chat health and wellbeing with customers and help people to make informed choices on what foods suit their lifestyle best.

What are some of the benefits of eating raw food?

I’m sure a lot of The Twenties Club readers have heard of the phenomenon that is RAW, but may not be aware of its true meaning. Raw food is literally uncooked food that has not been heated above 42 degrees Celsius, specifically natural wholefoods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Because raw food hasn’t been heated, the living enzymes and nutrients remain, meaning we can readily absorb these nutrients into our system to gain the best possible health benefits!

As raw foods are so easily digested and absorbed by our bodies, unlike cooked and processed foods which require significantly more resources to break down and digest (aka food coma!), our bodies are left with more energy to focus on natural health-enhancing bodily functions, such as healing and detoxification.

Raw food is hydrating and nourishing, and it provides you with a huge amount more energy than cooked and processed foods. It is also very filling so will keep you full for longer!


What are a few easy ways we can incorporate more raw foods into our diets?

Juices and smoothies are a quick and easy way to get plenty of raw food in one meal. Start with your daily greens as the base, then add some fruit to sweeten, some superfoods for an extra boost, and perhaps a raw protein powder. You could even add some nuts and seeds for an extra hit of healthy fats! Smoothies are an awesome meal replacement where you can get an abundance of nutrients into your diet with minimal effort.

Big salads are also a great way to get plenty of raw food in one sitting. Start with your salad base of lettuce, kale, spinach, or all of the above, and then add as many vegetables as you can, nuts and seeds, natural oils and a selection of herbs and spices for flavour. If you are purchasing salad dressings, always read the ingredients label to check for any nasties. Otherwise there are plenty of recipes for making your own condiments at home, with the bonus of knowing exactly what has gone into it!

Snack on fruit for a filling and energising snack option. Fruit is naturally high in sugar but has a low GI, which means you won’t get that dreaded sugar slump that you would get after consuming a chocolate bar, but instead you will get a sustained energy release. Nuts and seeds are also an easy, healthy snack for in between meals.


What is your favourite raw food or treat from The Raw Kitchen?

I think I change my mind everyday as we always have yummy new things coming out of the kitchen. But you absolutely can’t go past our caramel slice!


Do you have any general rules for health and wellbeing that you live by?

My general rule for health and wellbeing that I have always lived by is BALANCE! I am a strong believer in a healthy life being the result of a well-rounded lifestyle, not just a strong focus on one aspect of this. Balance for me includes healthy eating (remember the 80/20 rule!), exercising, spending time outdoors, socialising with family and friends, and trying new things. It is also super important to minimise stress in your life, as this may lead to hormonal imbalances and unhealthy habits.


And lastly…If you could give one piece of advice to your 19 year old self for surviving your twenties, what would it be?

Stop spending money on stupid shit!