Interview: Millie Elder-Holmes


I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to interview Millie Elder-Holmes for The Twenties Club Interview Series. This resilient young woman has faced more scrutiny, adversity and challenges in life than anyone should have to endure. She stands today as a strong, compassionate and truly kind person who believes in holistic health, living an honest life and not giving a damn what other people think.

Hi Millie! Firstly, congratulations on the continued success of your website and your amazing instagram page, what inspired you to start CleanEatzNZ?

I originally started being serious about health after losing my dad to cancer, he was young at the time and wasn’t interested in looking after his body so that really stuck out to me and triggered my interest into the “food is medicine” philosphy. Connor then encouraged me to turn it into a proper bog and start an Instagram account.

How has your approach to health and wellbeing changed throughout your twenties?

In my early twenties I was completely unconcerned with my health because I was battling addiction. Once I got clean I put on a lot of weight which, in turn, made me focus on how to lose weight and at around the age of 24 I became obsessed with trying to get skinny. However, as I learnt more about my body and began to acccept myself for who I was, my focus changed and I was more concerend with being strong, healthy and the best version me me. I accepted my shape and learned to love it. So now I focus on maintaining a good heart health with cardio and muscle strength through weight training.

‘Twenty-somethings’ are always looking for healthy dinner ideas that don’t require hours spent in the kitchen; do you have a ‘go-to’ recipe that you rely on when you want something quick and delicious?

Fish is always quick to cook and so delicious! I like to eat a light meal in the evenings and fish is always a good option, accompanied by steamed or raw vegetables and some good fats it’s the perfect meal to have before bed to aid recovery during sleep.

You have expressed that you hope to inspire positivity and empowerment ‘to be the best you’, and The Twenties Club is all about empowering females. What makes you feel empowered?

I feel empowered by empowering others. I am all about girl power- and boy power for that matter! Inner power and strength is something we all have. Being ‘me’ is really empowering, I lived a large portion of my life being concerned with how people saw me and that only ever made me feel inadequate. Not everyone fits into society’s pretty little stereotypes- we are all beautifully unique and I like to encourage people to recognize this about themselves.

One of the biggest misconceptions young people often have about their twenties is thinking they need to have everything figured out. Growing up, what was the biggest misconception you had about your twenties?

I completely agree. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do, or who I want to be. I’m very free spirited and I follow my heart and gut a lot- and plan very little. I think there is so much pressure from our parents, friends and society for us to have it all figured out but some people in their twenties do, and some don’t. You are only twenty once so live it up.

And lastly… If you could give one piece of advice to your nineteen-year-old self for surviving this daunting decade, what would it be?

That’s a hard question because my nineteen-year-old self didn’t listen to anyone so there is no point in trying to give her any advice! I would probably tell her to be less trusting, considering what I was involved with at that time. But I did surive and I am surviving my twenties pretty well, I think, for what I have had to cope with. Everything is either a blessing or a lesson, nothing is completely pointless in life. You can take something from every situtation so make sure your eyes are always open.

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