Joe Biden Is About To Announce His Pick For VP: Here Are The Front-Runners


Today marks exactly 100 days until Election Day in the United State’s.

Yes, that’s 100 days until Americans either make Donald Trump a one-term president, or commit to four more years of…. well, you know. Hell?? Fun Fact: It was also approximately 100 days ago that Trump suggested coronavirus could be treated by injecting disinfectant into your body at a White House press briefing! So with that image in mind, let’s now shift our attention to the only true solution to a president who advocates for the consumption of bleach: Americans electing Joe Biden on November 3rd. 

Biden has confirmed that he is aiming to announce his choice for a running mate by August 1st. He has also committed to selecting a woman, and says he wants someone who is ready to assume the presidency and shares his priorities. 

The VP selection progress is rigorous (blood tests, interrogations about junior high, hundreds of questionnaires, and an analysis of your tax returns are all common) and notoriously shrouded in secrecy – a cardinal rule of the process nearly everyone obeys. Most potential running mates don’t speak about the search, and many refuse to acknowledge they are being vetted at all. So who’s up for the gig?

There are reportedly 13 women still very much in the running to be Biden’s running mate, with four of them getting noteable attention from the media:

Former presidential candidate Kamala Harris is considered the favourite to win the role; apparently in the most advanced stage of the vetting process and seen among the likeliest candidates to be chosen. Harris could lead on issues like criminal justice reform, given her history as a former prosecutor, while also serving as a key congressional liaison due to her current job as the Senator for California. She’s also been an outspoken advocate for policing reform and pushed a Senate bill to make lynching a federal crime. 

Elizabeth Warren has been been nearing the top of the list and in the most serious stage of interviews with Biden’s team. There have also been rumours that Warren, despite her ideological differences to Biden, has become a “confidante” to the nominee in recent months, with Biden and Warren speaking on the phone every ten days or so to discuss policy. An Elizabeth Warren vice presidency would be progressive and bold, with a strong focus on her key issues of criticising wealth concentration and corporate power. It could also see her playing a major role in the economic recovery from coronavirus as Warren played a significant and highly-praised role in America’s recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.  

Keisha Lance Bottoms has lower name ID than Warren and Harris, but is also in the final stages of the vetting process and a noticeable front-runner. The Mayor of Atlanta has been among the most prominent city leaders in her handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as routinely advocating for police reform and racial justice; quickly calling for the firing of the officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks and then announcing new restrictions on the use of force by police. 

And lastly, Val Demings, the Representative from Florida and former police chief, is being vetted intensely by Biden’s team. Demings has  been an outspoken voice on issues related to gun control and law enforcement, and served as an impeachment manager in the Senate trial of President Trump. The New York Times said, “Demings is a strong campaigner with a résumé that matches the moment, and she comes from a crucial part of the country’s biggest swing state.” 

Whoever he chooses, it’s clear that Biden’s running mate could become the most consequential vice president in modern American history: The woman would be seen as a potential president-in-waiting (Biden is potentially only serving one term), a signal for the Democratic Party’s agenda in the years to come, and perhaps the most significant player trying to help Biden manage a country in crisis.

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