Millennial Poet Cleo Wade Is On This Year’s List of ‘Most Creative People in Business’ | Here’s Why I Love Her

I’ve had a girl crush on Cleo Wade ever since I discovered her on Instagram about a year ago. She just has a way with words. She has that unique ability to say so much by saying so little. Her words make you feel things.

She also has one of those Instagram accounts that you find yourself constantly screenshoting. First and foremost Cleo Wade is a poet and primarily uses Instagram to share her literary gems that vary from the short and sweet – “It’s OKAY.” – to the painfully-relevant, “Toni Morrison said, ‘Love is never any better than the lover.’ Let us remember this as we pray for peace and love in our world. Let us remember that the collective love our world needs to heal starts with us. We are the lovers.”

She is also a champion for women, determined to celebrate and empower the women both in her close circle and around the world. As part of Chez Conversations Cleo and four creative girlfriends create, curate and produce everything from events and art exhibitions to brand magazines.

Cleo made the annual Fast Company list of 100 Most Creative People In Business. According to Fast Company, Cleo has introduced a lost art form to a new generation and through her poetry is spurring them – or should I say us! – into action.

“Wade sells her poems as singular prints, and will collect them in a forthcoming book (due in 2018), but she also puts her words to work for other brands. As a member of the creative council for Emily’s List, an organization that helps pro-choice Democratic women run for office, Wade appears at political events and in videos, exciting voters and bolstering candidates. In 2016, she partnered with Armani to host a digital gathering where women could share success stories and encouragement.”

What. A. Lady.

Here are just a few of my favourite Cleo Wade originals. I hope they make you feel something.