The Best Broke-But-Hungry Recipes On The Internet Right Now


Broke before pay day? Aren’t we all though?

Here are my favourite healthy recipes on the internet right now that use the most budget-friendly ingredients but don’t skimp on flavour.

Did someone say “Salmon tacos?”

Love and Lemon’s mushroom and lentil spaghetti bolognaise. SPAG BOL making a comeback! Mum’s everywhere rejoice.

Love and Lemon’s broccoli tahini pasta salad. If you’ve never tried tahini this is a good place to start.

How Sweet Eat’s open faced steak sandwich with avocado horseradish. One for the boys.

Foodie Crush’s asian ramen noodle salad. Just wait until you see this recipe. It is INGENIOUS.

Jamie Oliver’s five spice salmon tacos. Tacos are the cheaper and yummier version of every meal ever.

How Sweet Eat’s easy chickpea curry with coconut rice. Doing it for the coconut rice.

I Quite Sugar’s spring roll bowl. Creative and crunchy.

I Quit Sugar’s oven baked eggplant with pomegranate tzatziki. I know pomegranate isn’t cheap but there’s only like six ingredients in this recipe and you’re not paying for meat so just relax.

Bill Granger’s thai chicken noodle soup. Like a spicy hug!

I Quit Sugar’s skin beauty + avocado salad. Anything that promises “skin beauty” and costs less than $15 to make is a good time.

Bill Granger’s indian spiced potatoes with fried egg. Basically just fries.

Donna Hay’s super green rice paper rolls. I feel healthier just looking at these (look down!)