My Favourite Easter Recipes On The Internet Right Now

Who else plans on spending the entire long weekend eating their body weight in chocolate and baking all the things?

Consider this your to-do list.



 How Sweet Eat’s Greek Yogurt Lemon Loaf. The line between breakfast and dessert is always blurred at Easter.

A Cozy Kitchen’s Cadbury Mini Eggs Skillet Cookie. Exhibit B of what I said above.

 I Quit Sugar’s Berries with Caramelised Cream. Because even if you quit sugar you don’t have to quit cream!

 Karena & Kasey Bird’s Coconut Rough Rocky Road. If you know you know.

 A Cozy Kitchen’s Roasted Rhubarb Scone Sandwiches with Vanilla Bean Glaze. Is the Pope Catholic?

 Donna Hay’s Chocolate Easter Eggcups. Anything cute enough to stuff inside a boiled egg cup is worth talking about.

 And  to cure your Easter hangover, load up on…

 Cookie and Kate’s Vegetarian Sushi Bowl. The irony that this food blogger is called Cookie and Kate and I’m sharing her sushi recipe…

Nutrition Stripped’s 10 Minute Peanut Stir Fry. TEN MINUTES?!


– images via A Cozy Kitchen, How Sweet Eats, Nutrition Stripped