My Favourite Recipes on The Internet Right Now: August ’18


Floating Kitchen’s roasted asparagus with miso butter. A simple recipe worth knowing. I love asparagus!

The Almond Eater’s sweet and spicy paleo baked chicken wings. Sounds weird but yum.

Simply Recipes’ zucchini fritters. It comes with a garlic lemon sour cream dipping sauce…

Super Golden Bakes’ spinach, coconut + zucchini soup. More zucchini!

The Almond Eater’s mocha tahini fudge. Not entirely unhealthy.

How Sweet Eats tortilla eggs. I’d make this with gluten-free tortillas but you can do whatever your heart desires.

A Beautiful Plate’s stuffed portobello mushrooms with crispy goat cheese. My favourite kind of cheese is crispy cheese.

A Beautiful Plate’s espresso almond cashew butter. My only issue is that I would eat the entire jar in six minutes.

A Beautiful Plate’s crack broccoli with toasted almonds, lemon + pecorino cheese. It’s called “crack broccoli” because apparently it’s the best broccoli recipe in the entire world.

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club