My Favourite Recipes On The Internet Right Now: January ’18


How Sweet Eat’s spicy roasted broccoli with lemon goat cheese drizzle. I have never “drizzled” goat cheese in my life.

Little Spice Jar’s lemon roasted salmon. Simple.

My Kitchen Love’s BLT rice bowl with avocado lime dressing. The only cooking required in this recipe is the bacon (!).

How Sweet Eat’s crunchy roasted chickpea pitas. If you’re gluten intolerant like me just skip the pita and it’s still a good time.

A Beautiful Mess’s guide to building a perfect stir fry. So educational!!!

Heather Christo’s spicy salmon sushirito. Wowowow.

The New York Times oven steamed salmon with sautéed mushrooms and fresh herbs. There’s officially too much salmon on this list.

The New York Times banana coconut layer cake. Just for good measure…