My Favourite Recipes On The Internet Right Now: October ’17


Dish Magazine spiced carrot and chickpea fritters with soft boiled eggs. Wow so many orange ingredients so little time!

Delicious Magazine leek, almond + bruised tomato galette. Forget everything you know about bruises.

Delicious Magazine grilled corn + quinoa salad with mango, tomato + herbs. Colourful, gluten-free and ticks off two of your 5+ A Day quota!

Minimalist Baker coconut curried golden lentils. I feel good about this.

Minimalist Baker garlicky sweet potato noodle pasta. Will probably give you bad breath.

Minimalist Baker one-bowl chocolate zucchini bread. Clearly I’m a fan of this food blogger…

I Am A Food Blog whipped ricotta + roasted pumpkin dip. Not a meal, but not not a meal.

A Cozy Kitchen marbled tahini chocolate cups. Like Reese’s peanut butter cups but for adults.

Snixy Kitchen moroccan summer vegetable tagine. More spices than the Spice Girls.