My Favourite Recipes On The Internet Right Now: September ’17


Happy Monday! Here are my favourite yummy, healthy, relatively-achievable recipes on the internet right now that I deem perfect for twenty-something’s (see: achievable). Make them this week or make them right now in the staff kitchen! Gary will be all over it! Gazza!

Heartbeet Kitchen’s Golden Beet Noodles with Peanut Sauce

How Sweet Eat’s roasted salmon with lemon basil butter. You don’t need to add the Panko crumbs to this recipe but you also don’t not need to…

Heartbeat Kitchen’s golden beetroot noodles with peanut sauce. It comes with a video (!!!).

Heartbeat Kitchen’s gluten-free white chocolate granola slice. All. A-bout. It.

Dish Magazine’s gluten-free kale and mushroom lasagne. How many fake lasagne recipes is too many? This one still has gluten-free pasta so I support it.

Dish Magazine’s sesame-crusted halloumi and coleslaw. Simple, yummy, crunchy, chic.

Delicious’s simple asian fried eggs. The easiest dinner in all the land.

Donna Hay’s asian style chicken noodle soup. Loves chicken noodle soup, hates everything else.

Donna Hay’s asian style chicken noodle soup.
Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club