My New Favourite Cleanser That Smells Like A Beverly Hills Day Spa

Historically speaking, I haven’t always been the best at washing my face.

I know – that sounds gross, and don’t worry I’m judging myself too. I’ve always just been a once-a-day plus maybe once-in-the-shower face washer, and was only really concerned with using a proper cleanser if I had been wearing makeup. But about a year ago I decided that I had been sidelining my skin long enough and that just because my skin wasn’t that bad, it could probably be a lot brighter, tighter and glow-y-er if I paid the same attention to my pores as I do to my eyebrows each day.

I’m an avid reader of Into The Gloss and Eve Lom skincare products kept coming up in conversations. It seemed everyone from models and actresses, to entreprenuers and other beauty experts were obsessed with something from the Eve Lom range. Lom is a Czech-born skin guru and one of the most famous facialists in the world. Since she first launched the high-end cosmetics company that carries her name in London in 1985, she has become a multi-millionaire with the likes of Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes and Lauren Bacall for clients.

Feeling intrigued, I tracked down her cult product – the cleanser- at Mecca Beauty. It ranges in price from $79 for 50ml to $170 for 200ml (which I realise is quite expensive and I’ll get to this in a moment).

The wax-based cleanser isn’t just slathered onto your skin haphazardly. It has a very specific method which I think is where the magic happens so I’ve been following these steps religiously…

A small amount of cleanser is massaged onto dry skin – on top of your makeup – for about 5 minutes, applying pressure with your fingertips for lymphatic drainage. You then soak the muslin cloth (a little baby cloth comes with the cleanser and it’s literally so cute) in hot water, wring it out, and gently press it onto your face to allow the aromatic oils from the cleanser to lift toxins from your skin. As I’ve mentioned, the cleanser smells like a Beverly Hills Day Spa and/or Christmas Pudding so I like to take this moment to breathe it all in and just live my best life. Soak the cloth in hot water again and repeat this step two 0r three times. Next, fold the cloth into a square and work it in a small circular motion to remove all cleanser and makeup, before rinsing the muslin cloth in cold water and gently resting it over your face to close your pores.

I. Know. You guys (!!). Not your average Cetaphil-in-the-shower is it?

I’ve been using the Eve Lom Cleanser for about three weeks now and I truly believe it is worth the hype and understand why it is constantly on beauty editors “Top 10” lists year after year. My skin feels softer, smoother and more even in colour. I like that it provides a really deep clean without stripping my skin or drying it out. But what I love the most is the time it takes to complete all the steps, I like that it is slow and therapeutic and self-care at it’s finest.

It’s definitely expensive but the thing about skin is that you’re stuck with it forever and Eve Lom herself actually said “from the day you are born your skin is slowly dying” (heavy…) so I think it’s probably worth investing in. And if you do decide to give the Eve Lom Cleanser a go, send me a message and let me know what you think! I truly hope all of your Christmas Pudding/Beverly Hills Day Spa dreams come true.