36 Thoughts from an Over-Thinker


Is everyone hanging out without me?

Should I have ordered the chicken instead?

The car behind me is following me.

The guy behind me is following me.

I can’t believe I wasted this outfit on tonight.

If I wear the same thing I wore last weekend will people think I have no clothes?

I have a stalker.

Should I be flattered that I have a stalker?

This isn’t soy milk.

Is my dress see-through?

Did my coffee guy just give me a look?

Wait. Does my coffee guy have a crush on me now?

Is that why he said “Have a nice day!”?

If I don’t feel the same should I find a new barista?

Those girls are definitely talking about me.

That girl just said my name.

She either said “Maddy” or “maybe”.

Was that an eye-roll or a blink?

Is it because of what I’m wearing?

Is there something on my face and no one has told me?

Do I have lipstick on my teeth?

Oh I’m not wearing lipstick.

Should I leave?

Should I stay?

This isn’t trim milk.

I think I have Meningitis.

My dog is depressed.

I think I’m going blind.

I think my hair is falling out.

I think that freckle is skin cancer.

He watches all of my Snap stories so he’s probably in love with me.

I watch all of his Snap stories so he probably thinks I’m in love with him.

Why did she tag me in that meme?

Does she think I’m like that or does she think she is like that?

If people see me tagged in that meme will they look at me differently?

Am I over-thinking this?

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