Owning La Mer Is Easier Thank You Think


The words “affordable” and “La Mer” don’t often co-exist.

In fact, for most of us it would make more sense financially to just buy a whole new face than to have the iconic white and sea-foam-green ceramic jar sitting in our bathroom cabinet. Or at least that’s what I thought.

As it turns out, owning La Mer doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, and we can all be a little more bougie with our skincare thanks to the brand’s Little Luxuries range. La Mer offers ten of their most sought-after products in mini form (beyond cute), designed for anyone seeking travel-friendly sizes of their favourite skincare or looking to trial a moisturiser/cleanser before making the financial commitment.

The range features mini versions of everything from the iconic Crème de La Mer ($140) and Moisturising Soft Cream ($140), to skincare building blocks like the Cleansing Micellar Water ($80), Cleansing Foam ($36), The Tonic ($75) and Treatment Lotion ($120). And, as with the rest of the La Mer empire, every product contains their “Miracle Broth” – a potent sea kelp anti-irritant designed to reduce redness and inflammation. But the most exciting “mini”, to my mind at least, is The Renewal Oil ($205). I’ve owned the full size bottle of this golden elixir for over a year now and it’s the most healing oil I own – rising to the challenge of dryness and skin irritation like no other. The Renewal Oil is loaded with active ingredients like magnesium and sea kelp, which is exactly what you want for a higher price point, and I use it a lot when flying as a way to seal in moisture. If you’ve got young skin and can’t get past owning one of La Mer’s iconic moisturisers, I’d recommend the Soft Cream (for drier skin types) or the Cool Gel Cream (for more balanced skin types). Both creams are versatile, effective and a lot more “weightless” than the original Crème de La Mer which some women find too thick. Neither of these will leave a greasy residue and your skin will look like satin, I promise.

The other reason this range works so well is that La Mer’s entire legacy is built on its reputation of potency and efficacy: we already know that when it comes to La Mer, a little goes a long way. This means that you only need a fraction of the amount of Crème de la Mer in comparison to other moisturisers like Weleda Skin Food or Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whippe. Therefore, when used correctly, even these “minis” will last you a long time. My only critique of the Little Luxuries range is that they haven’t included my all-time favourite Lip Balm. It’s the greatest $120 lip balm you never knew you needed; simultaneously minty and vaguely sweet, addictive in both smell and taste. I know it’s excessive to spend $120 on lip balm but the heart wants what it wants.

Find the entire Little Luxuries range in store at your local La Mer counter.

Header image by The Twenties Club
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