Readers Share Their All-Time Favourite Winter Recipes


When I first entered my twenties, one of the first roadblocks I encountered was cooking – more specifically, what the f*ck to cook for dinner.

Why is dinner so much harder to conceptualise than breakfast? Well for starters, there are too many choices. Okay? Too many. With breakfast, there are really only five options (cereal, porridge, variations of eggs, smoothie, or variations of toast) but when you reach dinner there are literally hundreds of directions to go in and so many more appliances begging to be included.

So with that in mind, here is a selection of TTC readers favourite winter-warmers and why they love them. Thank you and you’re welcome.

Annabel Langbein’s Shakshuka Eggs. “I don’t know what it is, but I’ve eaten so many eggs in my twenties. This recipe has really yummy middle-eastern flavours and it’s easy to throw in any vegetables I have in the fridge.”

Minimalist Baker’s Rich Red Curry with Roasted Vegetables. “This recipe only takes thirty minutes to make and has a whole bunch of different veggies from kumara to cabbage and broccoli.”

Jamie Oliver’s Pumpkin, Chickpea and Coconut Curry. “Warm, creamy and vegetarian.”

Annabel Langbein’s Devilled Sausages. “This is bloody delish served with plenty of green vegetables. Make sure you buy GOOD quality sausages, none of those cheap pre-cooked ones thank you.”

George Eat’s Furikake Rice and Broccoli Bowls with Crispy Miso-Fried Tofu. “This recipe is so stupid lit. I’d feed this to a boy even if he claimed to hate tofu – that’s how good it is.”

“Cut up a large Kumara and fry the chunks in a pan with onion, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and a little turmeric or curry powder. Add water so that it’s just covering the Kumara. Cook until soft and then transfer everything into a blender and blend until smooth. Top with feta. You just made soup – voila!”

Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters with Tomato Sauce and Courgette Salad. “This is a texture ROLLERCOASTER. It’s loaded with cheese but you won’t even feel bad for eating it.”

Nadia Lim’s Pumpkin and Carrot Butter Chicken. “Healthy, hearty, and reheats beautifully.”

Hello Glow’s Turmeric and Lentil Dahl. “Add extra turmeric and serve on top of some greens – we use kale and silverbeet! Garnish with a splash of coconut cream, chilli flakes and lots of coriander.”

Nadia Lim’s Creamy Chicken, Bacon and Lentil Soup. “This soup CHANGES LIVES. And it’s so simple that even my boyfriend (who once tried to roast a steak) can make it.”

Tasty’s One-Pan Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. “Perfect if you’re a lazy health-freak like me.”

Sarah Tuck’s Eggplant Parmigiana. “Make sure you go heavy on the mozzarella…”

Be Good Organics Winter Mushroom Risotto. “I find it so hard to cook in winter because it’s cold, dreary, and get’s dark so early, which is why I love risottos because they’re so easy to make and everything happens in one pot. This recipe is also vegan and really healthy – bonus!”

Nigella Lawson’s Sticky Toffee Pudding. “This isn’t dinner but it IS the best desert when it’s chilly outside. It tastes like a warm hug.”

Fisher & Paykel’s Curried Tomato Soup. “This is so fabulous and freezes really well. You can make it with or without rice, and add extra veggies if you need them. Oh my god I want some now!”

“I love making a roast pumpkin, lentil and kale salad – it doesn’t feel like a salad because it’s warm and hearty. I like to add toasted pine nuts and crumbled blue cheese on top of mine. A perfect gluten-free dinner.”

Dinner Then Desert’s One Pot Mediterranean Chicken and Rice. “This tastes amazing with feta and olives.”

“I love making a super simple Thai Green Chicken Curry base of green curry paste, lime juice, chicken stock, fish sauce and coconut cream, throw in all the leftover vegetables from my fridge and then add chicken thighs. It’s always delicious and tastes even better the next day.”

Chelsea Winter’s Mean Green Vegetable Soup. “Full of amazing ingredients to keep those nasty winter bugs at bay, vegetarian, and can easily be adjusted to suit vegans. A great way to use any leftovers that you have in the fridge.”

Bite’s Charred Cauliflower Quesadillas. “Anything vegetarian is a fabulous way to keep energy levels high and tummies full without any heaviness.”

“I love roasting broccoli and topping it with balsamic reduction, feta and almonds. It’s quick and easy, and makes whatever you serve it with feel luxurious – even if it’s just chicken and a salad.”

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club