Recipe Exclusive: Thai Green Fish Curry by Alex’s Kitchen Story


Thank you for your patience with this article. I’d originally intended to publish it last week, but then George Floyd was murdered in police custody and all of a sudden nothing else felt important anymore. It still doesn’t. Anything that isn’t about the injustice of what happened to George (and Breonna Taylor and Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery and Eric Garner and Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and Tamir Rice) feels small now.

Let me be clear: Publishing this recipe is not my way of signaling a “return to normal”. I hope we never return to normal. We can’t. There is nothing normal about a world in which the systems of power are intentionally designed to only protect some bodies. But in the coming days and weeks, if you read something on TTC that isn’t about pain or grief, I hope it offers you a brief respite. Some levity. And that you use that levity to fuel your return to the hard work of learning and unlearning the things that allowed us to arrive here in the first place.

M: Alex’s Kitchen Story has quickly grown into one of Instagram’s favourite foodie accounts and most-trusted sources for healthy, delicious and un-intimidating recipes. How did the page come about? You’ve said that you want to “remove the mental load that comes with cooking”, what did you mean by that?

“I have always loved cooking and taking photos so AKS was a long time coming, but also spur of the moment! I used to post photos of my meals on my personal Instagram account and people would ask for the recipe so I’d find myself writing them out at random times of the day, trying to remember all the different steps and ingredients! Eventually I tried uploading them to Instagram “highlights”, but quickly ran out of room so I decided to create a new account and that’s how AKS was born!

My cooking style has always been really simple and straight forward, I’ve always been someone who reads a recipe and then cuts out half the ingredients and method – I can never be bothered with all the fiddly bits! My followers have quickly seen this as my point of difference which has been amazing! I always knew I cooked in a more simple style, but to have other people recognise that has been incredible. Cooking doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. I want to show people that it’s possible to throw together a delicious and nutritious meal that is made with simple and affordable ingredients.”

M: When you’re not creating recipes for AKS, what is your day job in London? Do your two jobs complement each other? 

“By day I am a product developer for the supermarket Sainsbury’s. I absolutely love my job, I was very lucky to get it when I moved here! I work in the ‘Food To Go’ team, which means I’m looking after sandwiches, salads, sushi and snacking: The 4 S’s! I find the trends in this area really fast-moving so you have to notice them quickly and get them into production, and then start researching the next thing! Being around food and food trends all day has really helped my job as I’ve had great exposure to the London food scene.”

The frequency with which you come up with recipes for AKS is so impressive. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new meal ideas?

“This is a really hard question to answer, and one that I’m often asked! I just have so many ideas in my head all the time, I often feel pretty excited to get into the kitchen – there’s almost not enough time to cook everything I want! I get a lot of inspiration working in the food industry  and seeing things on Instagram that spark ideas. For example, the other day I saw a picture of halloumi with some chilli on it and that inspired me to make the Halloumi & Sumac Aubergine salad. The salad has a lot of other ingredients in it but it started with the simple idea of halloumi and spice. I also love working with colour, and pairing bright colours together, so a lot of my meals begin as colours in my head!”


“I know it seems like there are a lot of ingredients in this dish, but that’s mostly because you’re making the curry paste yourself rather than using a store-bought version. All of these ingredients are recognisable and easy to find at the supermarket, and it’s well worth making your own paste to avoid consuming any unnecessary preservatives or stabilisers. Once you’ve made the paste you basically throw it all in the pot and then cook the fish! I hope you all enjoy this recipe – I think it’s my favourite curry recipe to-date! Happy Cooking!” – Alex

4 pieces white fish 

1 yellow capsicum 

1 red onion 

1 green chilli

Large handful coriander 

1 tbsp olive oil 

5cm ginger 

5 garlic cloves 

1 tsp lemongrass paste 

1 tsp ground cumin 

1/2 tsp ground coriander seeds

1/4 tsp turmeric 

2 limes 

2 tins coconut milk 

1 large zucchini 

8 broccolini stems 

1 tsp fish sauce 

Drizzle of honey 

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 

2 cups baby spinach 

1 tbsp butter 

To garnish (optional) 

Few sprigs of coriander 

4 large mint leaves 

1 green chilli 

1 lime 

Chop onion, garlic, ginger, chilli and capsicum and place in a food processor or blender. Add the olive oil, lemongrass paste, cumin, coriander seeds and turmeric and blitz until smooth. You may need to scrape down the edges so it breaks down evenly. Once it’s smooth, pour into a pot or pan with high sides. Stir on a medium heat until it starts to bubble.

Grate in lime zest from both limes then squeeze in the juice. Add the coconut milk, fish sauce, apple cider vinegar and honey and stir. Turn down to a low heat at this point. Chop up the zucchini and add this to your curry along with the broccoli, and stir around so these are well covered.

Turn the curry back up to a medium heat so it starts to boil. Slice the remaining chilli and dice the herbs for garnish, set aside. Put the butter in the bottom of another pan and add the fish – I chopped the fillets in half but this is up to you! Fry until golden on each side, then remove from the heat.

Turn the curry down to a low heat and add the spinach, stir slowly as it wilts. Place the fish on top and remove curry from the heat. Sprinkle on the chilli and herbs, serve with white rice or on its own.

Serves 4. 

Images provided by Alex’s Kitchen Story