Seven Dresses to Get You Excited For Summer


Spring has sprung and summer is only a few months away.

I can’t believe it, and neither can the weather if this week of rain and hail is anything to go by. Regardless, we must look forward to the warmer days ahead with optimism, and what better way to do so than with a new wardrobe?

Here are seven dresses I found at Smith & Caughey’s that make me excited for summer.

Kate Sylvester ‘June’ dress, $649
Lonely Hearts ‘Katie’ dress, $550
Karen Walker ‘Postcard Tie’ dress, $625
Coop ‘Over My Shoulder’ dress, $249
Stevie May ‘Maya Mini’ dress, $319
Marle ‘Tyla’ Dress, $250
Hermant and Nandita ‘Nautical Silk’ dress, $649

This blog post is supported by Smith & Caughey’s