Six Brands For When Loungwear Becomes Lifewear


If there were ever a time to espouse the benefits of swapping out your regular clothes out for a constant stream of loungewear, it is now. With more employees being asked to fulfil their job requirements from the safety of their living room (Or bedroom! No judgement!), a few readers asked that I share some of TTC’s favourite and comfiest brands. 

PENNEY + BENNETT    @penneyandbennett

I’ve got a ton of pyjamas from this Kiwi brand and they’re all super high quality with really thoughtful design (i.e. not too tight around the top of the arms or hips for comfort while sleeping). 

EBERJEY    @eberjey

Holy sh*t. These are the softest pyjamas you will ever own. I bought the classic Gisele set in Black two years ago and could not believe how soft they were. I barely know how to describe them other than to say Kris Jenner wears them to bed which is really the only endorsement Eberjey needs. 

GENERAL SLEEP    @generalsleepstore

Another amazing Kiwi brand, General Sleep’s pyjamas are all ethically made in India using hand-loomed fabrics. Their most recent winter range is made using certified organic brushed cotton.

BASSIKE    @bassike

These guys invented the concept of loungewear as lifewear. No one does it like Bassike. Everyone should own the Slouch Jersey Pants at least once in their life.

IN BED    @inbedstore

In Bed is an Aussie institution, beloved for its thoughtful bed linen and sleepwear. You could definitely wear the Khaki or Kohl sets to the supermarket and pass as a functioning adult.

EVERLANE    @everlane

Technically not a loungewear brand, but I often find myself searching for affordable cashmere and Everlane continues to have the most accessible price point without compromising on ethics. I bought their Cashmere Shrunken Sweatshirt in Black two winters ago but I also love the Cashmere Raglan Mockneck (fun fact you didn’t ask for: this neckline is super flattering on most women). 

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club