Summer Fridays Vitamin C Serum and What I’m Trying Next


My morning skin routine takes about four minutes.

I use a warm cloth followed by a cotton pad soaked in Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar which I sweep across my face and neck to pick up any leftover skincare from the night before. Then I apply a few drops of face oil or moisturiser (about half the amount I’d use at bedtime because I don’t want it transferring onto my clothes), followed by a Vitamin C serum, some Glossier Boy Brow and a lip balm (I’ve just been sent the Kosas Hyaluronic Lip Balm in “Rush” which is quite nice, and I’m still Stanning the La Mer Lip Volumizer).

Anyway! Why are we here? Because I don’t like the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum! Okay that’s not the reason, but it’s part of it. Vitamin C serve a few important functions, but mostly it’s loved as an antioxidant; meaning that it protects your skin from oxidate stresses like sun damage (think dark spots and hyperpigmentation), as well as fading scars – I’ve got a few acne scars on my chin that just won’t quit – and noticeably brightening your skin. Basically all the functions I love in a product. So you can imagine my dilemma when I fully intended to love and implement the Drunk Elephant vitamin C into my morning routine only to discover I hated it. Okay, not hate. But it’s too sticky. And it doesn’t absorb fast enough. And it gives my skin an ever-so-subtle-but-definitely-clockable orange tint.

Last week I was sent Summer Fridays brand new CC Me Serum, and I’ve been putting it through its paces. The first best thing about this product is the scent. Dear God it’s good. If you’ve ever chewed Big Red gum, it’s like a more subtle version of that. Summer Fridays’ vitamin C contains two different types of the antioxidant, meaning it packs quite a punch if hyperpigmentation is your main concern. It also contains a decent amount of Squalane which is one of my favourite hydrating ingredients (it’s similar to hyaluronic acid but also works as a protective barrier against free radicals). This serum absorbs really fast, unlike Drunk Elephant, making it perfect for those who need to get out the door quickly in the morning (all of us). I can’t vouch for how it fares in terms of fading scars as I’ve only been using it for a week, but if it’s any consolation my mother told me this morning that my skin has been looking “really beautiful”.

Pro Tip: Vitamin C’s oxidise really fast, so make sure you buy one that comes in a tinted or completely covered bottle, and switch them out for a new one every three to six months (if your bank account allows you).

The Summer Fridays CC Me Serum is $110 NZD, putting it at a slightly cheaper price point than Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma, which is $138 NZD. I’ve also heard incredible testimonies about SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum (although it’s a steep $299 NZD), and for a more affordable and fast-acting alternative, Clinique’s Fresh Pressed 7-Day System range consistently works for sensitive skin girls and is only $60 NZD.

And – not that you asked – but the brands and products I’m dying to get stuck into next are Glossier’s newly-launched FutureDew, which claims to be a first-of-its-kind oil serum hybrid designed to give you an extended version of the “I just washed and moisturised my face” look, anything by Joanna Vargas (I’m not usually a sheet mask Stan but I was gifted one of hers over the weekend and I’m dying to see what’s it like), and Maison Louis Marie’s No.4 Perfume Oil which I can’t stop thinking about after smelling it in a Lonely store three months ago.

Header image by The Twenties Club