The Best Spring Recipes On The Internet Right Now


Guys it’s been a minute!

I haven’t posted any recipes on TTC since I forced you to share your most cosy, most favourite winter-warmers back in June. Remember how I said I can’t really cook? Still true! But I’m making progress and that recipe round-up really helped.

The catalyst for this article was a tahini salad dressing (filled with other perfect ingredients like miso, honey and hot sauce) that my sister won’t stop talking about. I’ve featured it below, along with a handful of other Spring-inspired recipes I think you’ll love.

The First Mess’s Amazing Tahini Dressing. Soon-to-be legendary in the Walker household.

The Beauty Chef’s Chicken and Coconut In Spiced Broth. I’m making this for dinner tonight in case you care (!).

The Beauty Chef’s Okra, Roasted Tomato & Buckwheat Noodle Bowl with Miso Ginger Broth. Sounds so damn wholesome.

The Beauty Chef’s Mushroom and Buckwheat Risotto. Can you tell I’ve spent too much time on The Beauty Chef’s website?

Smitten Kitchen’s Crisped Chickpeas with Herbs and Garlic Yogurt. God bless the chickpea.

Smitten Kitchen’s Black Pepper Tofu and Eggplant. I know this sounds average but just *wait* until you see the photos okay.

Annabel Langbein’s Roast Chicken Platter with Rocket and Lemon. I’d trust Annabel Langbein with both my kidneys.

Minimalist Baker’s One-Pot Golden Curry Lentil Soup. This one isn’t very “Spring-adjacent” but the entire meal is cooked in a single pot and that’s the kind of world I want to live in.

George Eat’s Crispy Fried Miso Tofu, Broccolini and Furikake Rice Bowls. I blatantly stole this article from one of my readers.

Minimalist Kitchen’s One-Bowl Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies. These remind of Arnott’s Ginger Nuts but sans gluten.

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club