The Foundation That is Actually Good For Your Skin


There are some universal truths about makeup that we prefer to ignore.

Namely, the negative consequences that come from wearing too much, too often. We know that sleeping in mascara can lead to eye infections, heavy foundation can stretch pores and make them look bigger, and not removing our makeup properly at the end of each day only leads to a build-up of bacteria, debris and oil – the perfect environment for acne to thrive.

But I still want to wear it. Sue me. So over time, the goal has become to look after my skin so meticulously that it requires less makeup in general, and then discover products that cause the least amount of interference with the skin’s two primary functions: protection-mode during the day (from harmful rays and free radicals), and repair-mode during the night (creating healthy cells and regenerating collagen levels). This is where Clinique’s new Even Better Glow SPF 15 comes in. Clinique worked with their in-house dermatologists to create a non-acnegenic, fragrance-free foundation that had all the benefits of a serum and none of the nasties. Can you imagine using a foundation that actually improves your skin as you wear it? She’s a multi-tasker!! To be fair, this concept isn’t new for Clinique, they’re well-known for their “good for skin” foundation ranges, addressing skin concerns like redness and anti-blemish and always giving their customers the option to take home a five-day sample before committing to purchase anything.

Even Better Glow boasts benefits like improving skin tone, reducing signs of ageing, fading acne scars and dark spots, and brightening your complexion – all within four to six weeks. And I’ve singled out four of the foundation’s key ingredients that I think are contributing to these claims: Vitamin E protects the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals generated by toxins found in fried food, smoking and pollution. Sunscreen is another important shield, and Even Better Glow contains both physical and chemical sunscreens. Then there’s Vitamin C which, generally speaking, helps to brighten skin and fade dark spots and acne scars overtime. And lastly, my favourite ingredient on the bottle, salyclic acid is a mild exfoliant that buffs away dead skin (see ya hon) and improves texture, meaning the foundation should apply more and more smoothly over time.

This is all a long way of saying: I like it! Even Better Glow is NZ $65 and there are 28 shades to choose from. It doesn’t oxidise (the colour won’t change on your face) and it’s sweat and humidity resistant. It’s a foundation with more glow and less guilt.

Clinique Even Better Glow SPF 15

Header image by The Twenties Club
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