The Funniest Women On Instagram According to The Twenties Club


Honestly if you’re not following every single one of these women then you are missing out. They are funny, dry, quick-witted as well as impossibly chic and well-dressed. Talk about the full package, right?

Leandra Medine Cohen, @leandramcohen

Okay, okay, Leandra won’t come as much surprise and most of you will already follow her but if you don’t follow her and you’re a fan of Man Repeller, well Leandra founded Man Repeller and is the stylish weirdo responsible for that addictive, deadpan, ridiculous voice you love so much.

Erin Foster, @erinfoster

Probably my favourite person on Instagram this past year. Her Instagram bio says, “Undiscovered Model” and she basically creates sarcastic humour out of her life: all her best friends are A-listers like Kate Hudson, her dad is David Foster, she’s semi-related to the Hadids, she could be a trust-fund baby but isn’t, and she’s barely famous. I love her. I want to be friends with her.

Sara Foster, @sarafoster

Erin’s sister, who she mocks constantly. Also barely famous. Sara’s married to a hot tennis player and a mother of two genetically-blessed, half german babies…You can’t make this stuff up.

Julie Houts, @jooleeloren

Talented artist, joke-maker, fashion sketcher. Says what everyone is thinking but would never say out loud.

Stephanie Shepherd, @steph_shep

Kim’s right-hand-man and the COO of Kardashian West Brands. She’s as vain as the rest of us but just doesn’t hide it. The photo below is with Dr Ourian who does all the Kardashian’s cosmetic surgery, god bless.

Zoe Foster Blake, @zotheysay

Married to Hamish Blake of Hamish & Andy (!!!), but so damn funny in her own right as well as clever and kind AND she has a beauty brand AND she writes for television series. The real deal.

Coco, @coco_pinkprincess

Okay she isn’t “haha, funny” but she IS the style icon of a generation. Period. And I’m just jealous of her Instagram handle. Name a cooler six year old, I’ll wait.