The Instagram Accounts To Waste Time On This January


The first month of the year is always a little overwhelming and can feel like we’ve forgotten how to do our jobs entirely. So what better way to overcome this feeling than by giving up on work and wasting our days on social media. Here are some of my favourite lesser-known Instagram accounts to help you do just that.

Happy scrolling!


Known for…. What began as just a funny Instagram account has now become one of the fashion industry’s toughest critics. Known for publicly shaming brands that are mercilessly copying and stealing ideas from other fashion brands.


Known for… Being Selena Gomez’s main collaborator, best friend, and the visionary behind the music video for “Fetish”. Collins is a photographer, dancer and it-girl who has been been challenging the fashion world’s view of beauty.


Known for… If you’re a fan of Insta-favourite brand I Am Gia, then you’ll love the aesthetic of Miaou. The brand is known for it’s pants and jeans that are worn by Kaia Gerber and Selena Gomez religiously. 


Known for… Beginning his career as a freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and one day getting DM’s (no joke) on Instagram from Joan Smalls, Gigi and Bella Hadid who wanted him to do their makeup. He now works for every Hollywood It girl and is an ambassador for La Mer.


Known for… A platform run by Emily Oberg that blends sportswear, high fashion, and a social conscience. The Instagram account is their moodboard and they also sell bomb hoodies and tees with 10% of all proceeds going to the Natural Resources Defense Council which is an organisation aimed at safeguarding the earth. Chic. 


Known for… Having a drop dead gorgeous vegetarian Instagram account that will actually make you crave vegetarian food. Run by Jerrelle Guy who cooks everything from her tiny Boston Kitchen. Addictive.  


Known for… Being one of America’s most famous “healthy bloggers”  without being overtly healthy. I really like her because she covers self care, holistic health, and doesn’t prescribe to just one way of eating. She’s healthy-but-chill and always gives quick hacks that are easy to incorporate into your routine.


Known for… I don’t know how I found this Instagram account but I’m glad I did! Run by a creative called Frankie Hopkins, it’s a collection of super cool collages/mood boards from runway looks, to showcasing the work of leading stylists and directors, to trends. She’s only got 200 followers which makes me love her even more.