The Love Diaries: Chapter Two ’17


About a year and a half ago I did a three part series on The Twenties Club called ‘The Love Diaries’. It’s a corny name I know, and perhaps a little idealistic, but the contents of the series were very much rooted in reality.

The idea behind The Love Diaries was to ask a group of girls, from all different backgrounds, to paint an honest picture of what love, loss, heartbreak, sex and dating looked like as a twenty-something in 2016. That was the goal.

It went on to be the most read series I’ve ever done and I still hear from so many of you today who have gone back to read it again and still resonate with the stories and anecdotes those girls shared.

So now it’s time for round two. The questions are phrased a little differently but the topics are still the same and, as always, you guys pulled through big time. You emailed, messaged, and DM’d with confessions that were honest, raw, sometimes funny and even a little sad.

You might think this next chapter is a niche market, but apparently office romances are the second best thing after charging food to the company credit card…

Chapter Two: Hooking Up With A Co-Worker

“Don’t Screw The Crew – at one stage my dad threatened to print it on a tee shirt and make me wear it work everyday.”

“Dating a co-worker is risky business. Dating two co-workers at the same time is a whole new level of risk. It got to the point where I couldn’t remember who I’d spoken to about what. Part of me felt empowered – I imagined Kate Sheppard being proud that I was grabbing life by the balls and embracing every opportunity, but the other part of me felt dirty and sneaky. The three of us still work together and to this day the two guys have no idea that they overlapped.”

“Drunk mistakes in your twenties are inevitable, but when the drinks trolley comes past your desk a few too many times on a Friday afternoon and you end up going home with Ben from the Property Law team it is MORTIFYING.”

“When I started my job I already had a boyfriend but there was a guy at work that everyone said was like a female version of me. About a month into my role I was called into my bosses office and asked if there was anything going on between my “twin” and I because relationships at my work are frowned upon. I thought it was so funny because I already had a boyfriend and wasn’t interested in the other guy. But then a few months later my boyfriend and I broke up and I did start dating my “twin” and we awkwardly had to schedule a meeting with my boss and confess that now we actually were dating. I could tell he thought I’d been lying the whole time.”

“I’ve never really understood the saying, ‘Don’t eat where you shit’. Or is it ‘Don’t eat where you sleep’? Either way, I’ve got with a few colleagues and if anything it just makes for funny banter in the staff room!”

“I haven’t got with a co-worker before but I did have a rather soul-destroying crush on one of the guys I worked with at Topshop. I thought I could get him to like me by being happy and bubbly at work, and wearing cute outfits, but every Monday morning I’d have to listen to him talking about the girls he was seeing and it would kill me. Working in retail is shitty enough already, when you add someone friend-zoning you on top of that it’s even shittier.”

“A lot of my friends who work at law firms have office romances because they spend so much time at work. They spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their flatmates or friends so it makes sense that you develop feelings. Plus, guys look way hotter in suits, so you’re living in a false state of reality…”

“I started dating a guy from work, who’s still my boyfriend today, and we would sext each other from different floors of the building before we told people we were a couple. It was so much fun.”