Oscars 2018: The Best Dressed And Most Important Moments


I was apprehensive about The Twenties Club’s coverage of the 90th Academy Awards today.

In 2018, when these huge tectonic shifts are taking place in story-telling and current affairs, I wasn’t sure if it would feel appropriate or even tasteful to be talking about fashion, stylists, presenters and punchlines.

But then I remembered that my undying love of clothes, creatives and Hollywood in general doesn’t in any way detract from a desire to have intellectual conversations. You can be just as concerned with what Karla Welch styled Tracee Ellis Ross in for the red carpet as you are with justice for women, representation of minorities, and politics.

So with that in mind! Here’s what happened.

Overall, the 90th Academy Awards felt dramatically different to previous ones. The Oscars can be a really stuffy, long, white and slightly boring show. But tonight it felt energetic, inspiring, current and full of hope. And it only took them 90 years to figure out how to do that!

Jimmy Kimmel hosted it for the second time. Which was brave. Last year when he hosted the event, it was marred by one of the biggest fails in awards show history. The envelope for Best Picture – the most prestigious award of the night – was mixed up and the presenters announced the wrong winner. They announced La La Land when it was actually Moonlight. Horrific. Painful. So for old mate Jim come back for round two was always going to be a gamble. But! He killed it. He was funny and relevant, taking time to talk about movements like Times Up and Never Again, and you can watch his full monologue by clicking here.

On the topic of presenting, tradition goes that the winner of Best Actor from the previous year presents the Best Actress award for the current year. But the 2017 Best Actor went to Casey Affleck who has been the subject of sexual harassment allegations levelled by the female crew on I’m Still Here, a 2010 comedy that Affleck directed and wrote. Amongst other things, one accuser claimed that Affleck asked a male crew member to flash his penis at her and constantly sent her abusive text messages. So with that in mind, Affleck dropped out and the Academy replaced him with Jennifer Lawrence and Jodi Foster. It was badass.

My favourite winners were for selfish reasons. Frances McDormand won Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and she is my whole entire heart because she played Miss Clavel in the 1998 Madeline film (!!!) when I was five year’s old and I was both terrified and in love with her. She’s an old school, method actress who is never in the news, attends none of the fancy events, does zero PR and just loves acting. In her acceptance speech she asked for every single female nominee in the room across all categories to stand up and be acknowledged. I cried.

Call Me By Your Name won Best Adapted Screenplay, which is essentially one the awards given for the best writing so it’s close to my heart. I first saw Call Me By Your Name at the Italian Film Festival at the beginning of last year and was completely moved. James Ivory’s screenplay is an adaption of André Aciman’s book, and he translated it from Italian and then adapted it impeccably. And was the cutest 80 year old accepting his award.

Allison Janney won Best Supporting Actress, Sam Rockwell won Best Supporting Actor and Gary Oldman won Best Actor for his role as Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour. 

 And lastly, here are some beautiful dresses and suits! My girlfriends and I only had about six favourites because the rest were boring, but luckily Margot in Chanel and Saoirse in Calvin Klein made up for all the snooze-fest dress choices.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Vionnet Paris
Zendaya in Giambattista Valli
Margot Robbie in Chanel
Timothee Chalamet in Berluti & Armie Hammer in Giorgio Armani
Greta Gerwig in Rodarte
Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein