The Twenties Club’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide ’19


November and December are rough. It’s like, we’re *required* to work and be energised and engaged, but it’s also physically and mentally impossible due to the culmination of the previous ten-month grind. Anyone? Just me? Coolcoolcool.

Anyway, in an effort to lighten your load, here is The Twenties Club’s annual holiday gift guide. This list compiles everything a millennial woman *might* want to receive this year. Send this article to your boyfriend, partner, parents or siblings and say you’ve done all the hard work for them.

Studio Red Wellness Rose Petals & Vanilla Tea (50 pouches), NZD $44

The Daily Edited Shadow Text Phone Case, NZD $60

Baina Roman Pool Towel, NZD $100
An Organised Life 2020 Weekly Diary (Gold), AUD $39.99

Lack Of Color Wave Bucket Hat (Yellow Terry), AUD $99

Wald Berlin Chain Shell Necklace, AUD $319

Salt By Hendrix Care Kit, NZD $49

Salt By Hendrix Magical Rose Gift Set, NZD $55

Missoma Mini Molten Necklace, AUD $149

Anni Lu Gertrude Pearl Earrings, AUD $349

Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino, NZD $23.47

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kay, NZD $16.01
An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, NZD $15.83

The Porter Reusable Water Bottle, NZD $79
Meadowlark Sunset Signet Ring (to be engraved), NZD $315

The Porter Reusable Wine Glass, NZD $55

Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cup, AUD $41.95
ThisWorks Dream Team (Pillow Spray + Stress Check), NZD $22

Apple AirPods, NZD $278.99
GO-TO Skincare Set, NZD $38
SodaStream Spirit Machine, NZD $159.99
The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Protein Powder (Vanilla), NZD $80
Penney & Bennett Sleep Shirt (Zinc), NZD $129
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Body Spray, NZD $125
Faithfull The Brand Tote Bag, AUD $109
Faithfull The Brand Sarong, AUD $119

Header image by Wono Kim for The Twenties Club