It seems that, somehow, without any warning or time to stop and reflect, December has arrived. And with the arrival of December comes those few weeks of the year where we drink, dance, eat and party in a rather extravagant manner. But hey, we’ve earned it right?

The party season can be a little overwhelming if you don’t do some strategic planning and preparation, so here is my list of money-savers, time-savers and sanity-savers to see you right through until the new year…

Happy Silly Season Girl Gang! ♥

(P.S. None of this content is sponsored!)

Book Your Blow Waves Wisely

Look, we’re not made of money are we?! Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a Glam Squad prepare us for every function, event, store opening and party. So this silly season it is important that we are strategic with our spending because while we can’t afford a blow wave for every event, we also can’t afford to look below-par. So my advice is to sit down with your diary and work out which events have the most “opportunties” i.e. new-bae-opportunties, new-job-opportunities or new-promotion-opportunities. Those are the events which require blow waves, all the others can survive a little DIY.

Dry & Tea offer a Blow Wave for $49 and a Dry Style for $35. For the DIY events, this video by celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin will help you achieve that very illusive, perfect top knot.


Clean Face, Clean Conscience

After a night out drinking and partying, the last thing we ever feel like doing is spending twenty minutes in the bathroom cleaning our faces and putting on six different lotions and potions. But I recently read on Into The Gloss that our skin is about 60 percent more absorbent to everything while we are sleeping, so you can imagine how damaging it is when we’re too drunk to wipe off our foundation or remove the false eyelashes that have slid half way down our face. In the party season, Micellar water will dissolve your makeup almost as quickly as you dissolved your dignity.

Wake Up, Eat + Go

Treat yourself to an extra twenty minutes shut-eye in the morning by grabbing a takeaway breakfast en route to the office.

My picks: anything from Best Ugly Bagels (because #carbs), a smoothie bowl from Bowl & Arrow, Bircher Muesli or Chia Cup from The Raw Kitchen or any of the Superfood Smoothies from Little Bird Organics.

Purse Essentials

Your purse, handbag or clutch is essentially your first aid kit throughout party season, and it needs to be packed accordingly. Attempting a red lipstick in peak summer is a recipe for disaster – between your white dress, the god-awful humidity and the level of ‘lit’ you’re planning on reaching, it’s just not going to happen. So opt for a liner or lipstick in your lip’s natural colour, to avoid constant touch-ups. I love Boldly Bare or Dervish from M.A.C. Speaking of humidity… blotting paper removes unwanted-shine from your face without disrupting your makeup. M.A.C. sells Blot Film for $24 or you can find it online at Mecca for $18. Beauty Blenders come in handy for makeup touch-ups – especially after the hairdresser has washed your hair and somehow removed half of your foundation in the process.

Cover Your Assets

The outfits you wear during the party season are important for obvious reasons, but what is even more important is what you wear underneath those outfits. Save yourself the embarrassment of letting your co-workers see a little more than you intended by investing in some decent nipple covers and skin-coloured, seamless underwear. Seamless undies are perfect for anything silk, satin or chiffon, including the white Camilla and Marc dress Kendall wore at the Victoria’s Secret After Party, that you just got on the wait list for.

Heidi Klum Intimates Nipple Concealers RRP $14.95 at Bendon Lingerie.


Keep The Routine, Keep The Sanity

The party season is a little hectic and your schedule will most likely be thrown out of whack; nights that are usually spent catching up on Netflix while eating Wok N Noodle are now replaced with drinking past midnight and “forgetting” to say no to that third tequila shot. My advice would be to maintain your normal exercise routine where ever possible, because it is routine that grounds us and helps to ‘keep the calm’ when life gets messy. Whether you prefer pilates, boxing, barre, or Les Mills, try to slot in as many of your regular classes as possible. It gives you a little “me time”, the chance to sweat out some of those toxins and you will feel so much better for it. Plus working out is really just giving us more stamina to stay on the dance floor, am I right?

Fake Lashes, Real Love

Look, I just need to talk about lash extensions because I started getting them earlier this year and they have changed my life. The beauty of extensions is that it essentially eliminates the need for eye makeup. The false black lashes make your natural eye colour pop and the longer lashes on the outer corners give the illusion of a cat eye – no liquid liner necessary! Lash extensions are also a time-saver the morning after when you are rushing to get to work on time because you aren’t fussing over panda eyes.

Lash Noir has a reputation for doing some of the best in the business, but get in quick as they’re appointments fill up fast!

And Lastly….Don’t Forget To Enjoy It!

If you take none of my advice, I won’t blame you – they don’t call it the silly season for nothing. But for God’s sake, enjoy yourself!

Kiss a co-worker, shout your friends tequila shots, eat your bodyweight in Christmas mince pies and take off your heels so you can drop it low to Drake on the dance floor. Because the beauty of December is that, most of the time, everyone’s too drunk to remember what you did anyway…

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