There Are Serums For Your Body Now Too


When cult beauty brand Nécessaire launched a little under two years ago they were steadfast in their belief that we should look after our bodies like we look after our faces. They wanted customers to reimagine “personal care” as “self-care”. And it made sense! Nécessaire’s initial offering included three body care essentials — The Body Wash, The Body Lotion, and The Sex Gel (yes, it’s lube) — all made with clean, skincare-level ingredients like ceramides, lactic acid, and niacinamide. Since then, other skincare brands have started paying more attention to products designed for the neck down and with that came the rise of: the body serum.

Now believe me, adding another step to my ever-burgeoning skincare routine was not high on the priority list, but Nécessaire made a strong case that I should extend the same level of care to my limbs as I do to the small circumference of my face. Nécessaire’s Body Serum is made with a lot of ingredients you might already be putting on your face, like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin B3 and B5. It’s also fragrance free, making it a good option for anyone sensitive to the fragrances typically found in body butters and lotions. For the nerds out there: All of Nécessaire’s products, including the body serum, are formulated to specific pH levels that support the natural pH and barrier function of the skin. When a natural pH is maintained, our skin is in the optimal state to recognize compatible and active ingredients and reap the visible rewards. She really said SCIENCE!!

Sadly, Nécessaire doesn’t ship internationally (yet), so I decided to trial REN’s AHA Body Renewal Serum instead. It’s packed with lactic acid to gently exfoliate and vegetable-derived xylitol which is a naturally-occurring alcohol that helps skin hang onto moisture for longer. Its lightweight consistency makes it more fast-absorbing than a classic body lotion and it has a really invigorating citrus scent which I love. After a mere three weeks of using this stuff post-shower, my arms and legs are significantly softer and the little red bumps I’m prone to getting on my forearms are less obvious. It’s the perfect way to shed any dead skin between seasons and I can see why it made Harpers Bazaar’s famous “Best Of The Best” List in 2018 for “Best Body-Smoothing Cream”. Plus it’s worth repeating that REN’s Body Serum soaks in *completely*, meaning that you don’t get that greasy transfer to your clothes that’s par for the course with most body products.

For those who want to dial up the exfoliation component of their body serums, I’ve heard amazing things about CANE & AUSTIN’S Glycolic Body Scrub. It contains pharmaceutical-grade Glycolic Acid combined with Salicylic Acid which are both clinically proven to exfoliate, even skin tone, refine pores, and fade age spots over time – all of which are problems we’re used to addressing on our faces but which of course are equally relevant to our limbs too.

A good reminder that chemical exfoliation isn’t just reserved for the neck up.

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