TTC’s Favourite Jewellery Brands For Summer ’20/’21


Summer jewellery is arguably more fun than winter jewellery. Summer jewellery is colour and shells (!!) and “more is more”. Winter jewellery is muted and conservative and largely hidden, beneath jumpers and scarves and hands stuffed in puffer jacket pockets. 

Here are six of my favourite jewellery brands for the imminent warmer days. Ps. Most of these brands are gold-plated rather than solid gold – meaning they don’t have the same extortionate price tags but also tarnish more easily. For what it’s worth: Against Martha Calvo’s advice I frequently wash my hands and even sleep in my Tube Ring and there’s only a few scratches to show for it.

MARTHA CALVO     @marthacalvo

Available at Muse and Martha Calvo.

ELIOU     @eliou__

Available at Shopbop.

ALIGHIERI     @alighieri_jewellery

Available at Muse.

CARLY PAIKER     @carlypaiker_jewellery

Available at Tuchuzy and Superette.

JASMIN SPARROW     @jasminsparrowjewellery

Available at Jasmin Sparrow, Tuchuzy and Muse.

NALIN STUDIOS     @nalinstudios

Available at NALIN Studios.

Header images via Tumblr