Turmeric & Honey Latte Featuring Nespresso’s Ristretto


“Perfect for a cool morning, the turmeric, cinnamon and ginger add warmth and excitement. While the honey and soy balance out the intense roasted notes of Nespresso’s Ristretto capsules, providing a creamy take on a classic latte.”

This is one of the gorgeous recipes Nespresso have created to showcase the versatility of their coffee blends, and because I drink soy milk this recipe really stood out to me. It’s also incredibly simple to make and tastes like a spicy, healthy hug. I took a few photos on my iPhone while I made my latte and as you will see I used Vitasoy Soy Milky in this recipe because it tends to froth better in the Aeroccino in comparison to other soy milks. I also used Friends & Co. honey which is my favourite New Zealand honey brand – but feel free to use any soy milk and honey that you love!

The Nespresso machine featured in this article is the amazing new Essenza Mini & Aeroccino 3 – Nespresso’s smallest machine ever which is perfect for creating big coffee moments like this…

What you will need…

2 Ristretto Grand Crus extracted as 25ml Ristrettos

1/2 tsp honey

1/4 tsp turmeric

100ml soy milk

Powdered ginger to garnish

Powdered cinnamon to garnish

How to make the magic happen…


Place honey, turmeric and one Ristretto extract into your glass and stir to combine.


Extract the second Ristretto over the top of the mixture.


Heat and froth your soy milk using your Aeroccino.


Pour the milk over the coffee, honey and turmeric combination and fill to the top of the cup.


Garnish with powdered ginger and cinnamon.




This recipe was published in partnership with Nespresso.