Twenty Questions with Arna Scott


Welcome To Twenty Questions!

Every week I’ll be sharing a new twenty-something on the blog and their responses to twenty quick-fire, intimate questions. No one featured on Twenty Questions is a celebrity or public figure, and most of these people I don’t know very well, or at all. My hope is that by taking a peek into someone else’s soul you will realise that, despite our fundamental differences, we still have similar insecurities, make similar mistakes and have fought similar battles to become the people we are today.

Arna Scott, 26

What is your full name?

Arna Madeline Scott.


How old are you?



How old do you feel?

Hmm good question. 29 – haha not quite 30 but nearly there.


Where were you born, and where do you live now?

I was born in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, and currently live in Wellington.


What do you do for work?

I am a personal trainer and own my own private training studio in Wellington.


What do you do for fun?

Exercise (people call me crazy but I love it). I also really enjoy spending quality time with my fiancé, friends and family, relaxing in the sun and last but definitely not least, eating!


Did you go to university? If so, what did you study? If not, why?

Yes, I studied Fashion Design when I first left high school and graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology. I then went on to study Health and Fitness to become a personal trainer.


What is your favourite movie of all time?

“Pay It Forward”. I know, how depressing! But I love the message behind it.


What is the biggest risk you have ever taken that has paid off?

Starting my own business and opening my personal training studio.


Hardest moment of your twenties so far?

Balancing work, a social life and getting ahead.


Best moment of your twenties so far?

Oh I feel like I’ve had so many amazing moments! But I guess the best moment would no doubt be when my fiancé proposed.


Who do you miss?

My Nana.


What do you like the most about yourself?

My determination to succeed in everything I do.


What do you like the least about yourself?

I focus a lot on the future and I’m always thinking five years ahead. On a not so serious note, I’m also always hungry and unfortunately for my partner I get very hangry.


If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get and where would you get it? If you already have tattoos, which is your favourite and why?

I don’t have any tattoos but if I was to get one right now I think I would get an outline of a wave.


How would your friends describe you?

LOUD, caring, motivated, easy going and a little weird.


How would your parents describe you?

Competitive, determined, hard-working and fun. They would probably say I was loud as well.


When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was a couple of weeks ago when my mum moved to China. 

What are you afraid of?

BIRDS!!!  I can’t stand them.

 If you could start your twenties again, what would you do differently?

There isn’t too much I would change as every moment has brought me to where I am today and there have been plenty of amazing moments. But if there is one thing I could do differently it would be to be more present and stop focusing so much on the future as it turns out everything just falls into place anyway.