What Gets You Out Of Bed in The Morning?


With mornings becoming darker and colder it’s increasingly difficult to drag our sorry butts out of bed each day and exercise. In fact most of us would rather die than squeeze into some spandex and pound the pavement at 6am.

There aren’t many things I’m happy to get out of bed before sunrise for but Barre class is my exception. I genuinely love it. I love that it’s cardio without running, I love that it’s weight training without any “dead-presses”, I love that I can now do proper push-ups and hold a two minute plank, and I love that it has given me tiny little abs and a core stronger than Trump’s sun bed.

Barre is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning but I’ve realised that this is a different answer for everyone. So I asked you to share with me what gets you out of bed and I was blown away with the number of responses I had. From dancers to surfers, boxers and yogis, here are just a few of the inspiring ways you love to move. My hope is that if you are currently in an exercise-rut you might find some inspiration or motivation to try something new!


“I do reformer pilates at Wild Pilates. I love the classes because they are so small, which means that if I’m doing something wrong I know I’ll be corrected. I love that it’s a huge workout but I have the luxury of closing my eyes so I hardly even realise how hard I’m working! I always leave feeling invigorated – like my blood is pumping – and I’ve taken good steps to tone my body, in particular my core.” – Bella 

“I’ve been doing reformer pilates at Peak Pilates for almost six years now and I’m hooked. People may scoff, but it is truly an all-body workout, my instructor often says “shaking is optimal!” and it really is true. I’m not interested in exercising in public or with a big crowd so Peak Pilates was really appealing to me. In the reformer classes there is a maximum of four students so the teacher is really attentive and I’ve become friends with the other students over the years. My goals are long term and that’s where I’hav e seen the most results; improved muscle tone, endurance and muscle strengthening to keep my hyper-mboility in check.” – Emma 


“East west Yoga in Ponsonby is well known for their Bikram yoga classes, but unfortunately I find it difficult to breathe in such a hot environment so instead I opt for their “Power” classes in an easy 32 degrees. The gentle heat allows your body to increase it’s strength and flexibility in a way that is really satisfying and energising. It’s a great way to quiet my thoughts about whatever boy I’m dating or how many days left until pay day. I don’t feel I’ve got my money’s worth in terms of exercise unless my heart rate increases and I sweat, so warm yoga is definitely my jam.” – Crystelle 


“Being a part of the Black Sticks means that our day-to-day lives revolve around our training schedule. We usually train six days a week which includes the hockey turf, gym and running sessions. It can be pretty demanding but when you’re training alongside an awesome group of girls it makes it more enjoyable and really rewarding when all of the hard work pays off. I know it sounds cringe but when you have a team full of hard working individuals pushing themselves it definitely motivates me to work harder and make sure I don’t let anyone down.” – Lizzie


“As cliche as it might be, the reason Rip Curl and other major surf labels use nome-culture like “The Search” is because that’s almost all surfing is about. You’ll wake up at dawn to see the sunrise hoping there will be pefect waves. If you score those peeling undulating natural things, then the dopamine levels are off the hook. But that’s just a corollary to watching the sunrise at a remote beach with the team.” – Will

“I normally try and get in the water at least two days a week. I usually go with my boyfriend and we bring our dog because he loves the ocean! I’ve struggled with other forms of exercise in the past because it’s just not ‘engaging’ enough, but with surfing I don’t even feel like I’m working out (that is until I get out of the water and can’t feel my arms!). I’m a firm believer that there is nothing sun and salt water can’t fix – fitness, mental health and even a hangover.” – Lizzy

“Waking up early and going to get a coffee before you check the surf is a great social morning routine and with lots of girls surfing in Mount Maunganui you always run into someone you know. Having your best gal pals pick you up, with their car loaded with boards, and driving up and down the coast to find the best swell is a great feeling. Not only do our bodies feel better from the sun and the salt, but our minds are clear from chatting the entire time we are in the water together. It’s like a free therapy session where you also get to be active in the sun with your mates.” – Alex 


“Running is my main purpose. It creates a sense of direction and gives me a feeling of self-awareness, self-perseverance and self-confidence. There is something about waking up before the sun and hitting the empty streets that makes me feel invincible. I am always chasing a dream and starting every morning by getting one step closer to that goal provides me with a sense of achievement that continues throughout my day. Running brings clarity, and no matter how far or fast you can run, just getting up each morning and spending time with your own thoughts while the sun is rising will pay benefits to your overall wellbeing.” – Lydia


F45 is functional based, circuit training. There is a set workout, completed by everyone in the entire world that does an F45 session on any given day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts are cardio-based, Tuesdays and Thursdays are resistance based, and Saturday is a one hour circuit that combines each of the training styles. What I love most is the functional training style. The exercises are what you might be instructed to do by a personal trainer, but would never do by yourself in a gym (because you’d probably look like an idiot). The combination of plyometric, agility, resistance, interval training and cardio-vascular endurance is your fast track ticket to transforming your bod.” – Lauren

“F45 is an ideal type of workout for the gal that is on the go every day and wants to squeeze in a high intensity sweat sesh. You really feel the burn within that 45 minutes – it’s high reps with low break time so you’re really getting the most out of the time that you’re there. The trainer is belting out encouraging words throughout the class and really pushes you to your limits. Classes are different daily so you know every class you attend won’t be the same exercises. If you’re strict with your diet and exercise you’ll find that the results come quickly.” – Jess


“Every fine, still day I wake up in Wellington I look forward to spending my lunchtime on the water. Just moving around the harbour, admiring the city, the sea life swimming under me and feeling so at peace. Even on cold days, you can still paddle as you barely get wet. I love paddle boarding and being on the sea in many ways because of how it makes me feel. I feel serene and calm after every paddle board, any work issues wash away for that hour I’m out on the board just enjoying the ocean. Paddle boarding has not so much changed my body but rather has had an amazing effect on my mind and for that reason I love it so much. It’s a time out in the hectic life of a twenty something year old.” – Elle


“I’m a morning person. I know that I’ll never have the energy to exercise in the afternoon so I choose to get my blood flowing each morning. Swimming is like entering another world; no gravity, only the sounds of the water and your breathing. It’s a full body workout and requires equal parts skill and fitness. On the weekends I surf, sticking to longboards and small waves as I build my confidence. I found surfing when I was at a turning point in my life and now my boards feel like my best friends.” – Kate


“Walking has changed my life. No matter where I am, I wake up every morning and walk.  I’m not ashamed to say I have slept in my Lululemon tights on a few occasions to help force myself out of bed in the morning! But it’s a routine for me now, I get up and walk for an hour every single day. Walking has not only helped me physically (toning the inner thighs and stubborn lower belly fat – ladies this is a win!) but mentally too. I used to be constantly stressed and hated the direction my life was heading. In a weird way, walking has turned it around. Having an hour every morning to start the day fresh is something that has helped me so much from juggling university pressures to suddenly being an adult and in the “real world”. If you’re easily bored I’d highly recommend downloading a podcast or updating your Spotify playlist to listen to along the way.” – Kelsey


“After trialling some of the other Les Mills classes I discovered GRIT. It’s an intense class but the perfect way for me to fit an amazing and quick workout into a busy day. GRIT is great because it’s fast (only 28 minutes) and you have no time to think about how hard your body is working. And with short sets of reps it’s much easier to stay focused. I particularly love GRIT Strength and how it challenges my body and mind and keeps me in the present. ” – Ruby

“GRIT Strength is my go-to. I’m a time-poor university student and often find myself struggling to get to the gym which is why I love GRIT classes so much because they are only 28 minutes and long enough to induce a super intense sweat – yay! The strength class makes me feel strong and I love how sore my body feels the next day. My favourite way to start the week is by smashing out a 6.30am GRIT class, followed by a soy cappuccino on my way way to my first 9am lecture, ready to tackle the week ahead.” – Lucy 


“The main form of dancing I do is contemporary (unless bouncing around my bedroom pretending I’m a popstar onstage at my own concert counts!). Contrary to popular belief, dancing has helped me establish and nourish a healthy relationship with my body. Through dancing, I see my body as a tool for art, communication and critical thinking. Dancing is a fun way to engage with cardio, but also helps to strengthen and condition my body in a natural way, as I am able to work to a limit that is safe and comfortable for me.” – Kendall


“I attend Les Mills Sprint– it’s a spin class which is only 30 minutes out of my day- awesome for a busy girl, and it’s a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training). Why I love this class so much is because it gives you the strongest and hottest legs while simultaneously working your cardiovascular fitness in every class. Sprint is super beneficial because you continue to burn calories for hours after you leave the class. I honestly dare anyone try this and tell me they don’t feel like a distressed (kinda sweaty) superhuman after.” – Madeleine

“I made it my goal last year to explore alternative training methods – after a few months of searching, I found a passion for triathlons and cycling. I clock up between 100 and 150km’s a week exploring Auckland, a favourite being the 50km loop from Mission Bay. I mix up my sessions up by balancing traditional distance training with more intense HIIT sessions such as repeat hill climb efforts up College Hill. Each week my goal is to get a faster time on one of the routes I have created. Physically I am fitter than I have ever been and feeling awesome, which helps me set the pace and be a role model for my clients.” – Aaron


“Boxing training consists of two things; conditioning and sparring (simulating a fight in the ring against an opponent). I love it because it’s such a strategic sport. People think boxing is just violent throwing of random punches but it is so much more than that! Combining both offensive and defensive moves is such a mind game. It is also a great way to let out frustration! Theres nothing more satisfying then letting loose against the punching bag when you are in a bad mood.” – Nida

“More familiarly known as kickboxing, Muay Thai is a full body workout that makes me wonder how I’m still on my own two feet at the end of each class. Working on punches, elbows, kicks and knees, each class burns thousands of calories an hour, leaving me 5kgs lighter – post ‘fresher five.’ Even better when I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, boxing destresses me and helps me go on about the day without my resting bitch face. I feel stronger and to prove it, I can now twist open the peanut butter lid with ease.” – Grace


“When I go to the gym I love doing classes where weights are involved, and was an avid GRIT and Pump goer in Auckland. I love how strong I feel when doing weights and the pain is definitely worth how great you feel after (even if you can’t walk properly for a few days)! For anyone who is worried they will “bulk up” – unless you are attempting to become a female body builder you definitely won’t. Since regularly including weights in my workouts I have noticed I have become stronger, leaner, and more toned. ” – Megan